Sneak King

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m totally gonna buy Sneak King the second it comes out. Hope it has co-op.

Waiting for the thread police…

I think the Burger King games should get their own forum.

What the hell would the thread police have to do with this? Also: who the hell are the thread police?

Just a reference to the fact that this is now the third thread on this.

And personally, I think that’s fine. The more people are aware that Burger King is an escapist rapist hiding somewhere in the suburbs, the safer we’ll all be.

oh, I don’t read anything in here really.

I’m sick of all these goddam Oblivion threads.

You should ask Tom to change your permissions from write-only.

Where’s your mod now?

chmod 777

I heard that Peter Gates bought Molyneuxsoft.

haY Guyz, I herd Bob [email protected] is dead and that Sulu is gay.

I find it fascinating that none of the three threads on the Burger King-themed games includes “Burger King” in the subject. I wonder how many people who would be enthralled by reading about Burger King-themed games are missing out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because of unhelpful titles.

I think we need another thread.

I’m surprised there’s no Jack-In-The-XBox 360 games. The name alone begs for promotion.

I would play an XBox 360 while eating in the BK Lounge.

Not without coups’.

I bet the bitties would like that, they’d beg and scrounge.

They’re remaking Burger Time for the 360? Sign me up!

I’m surprised they haven’t withdrawn that king character because it gives kids nightmares. I think it’s the creepiest corporate character I’ve ever seen, and to see it hiding in a bin waiting for some girl to go past only leads to Hurr-hurrr entendres about whoppers leaping into my childish little mind.

Seriously though, that is one creepy little mascot and I’m glad they seem to have dropped it from the UK ads.

But if, in any of these games, you get to repeatedly stab it in the face then sign me up.

Sooo… it’s a rapist simulator?