Sneak King

In all the excitement surrounding the PS3 and the Wii it seems that a lot of people missed the other monumental gaming launch of the past week - yes, the Burger King Xbox games have finally arrived.

I dared venture into a BK this morning for the first time in around six months (I’ve been on a diet) with the original intention of just buying the games. Unsurprisingly they explained how it was only available with a value meal. Fine I said, I’ll pay for the value meal but just give me the game, don’t give me the food. The manager (to whom I had by now been referred) just stared at me as though I had started speaking some bizarre alien language.

Bottom line, they insisted I take the food along with my copy of the game. I couldn’t find a homeless person to give it to and I didn’t want to just toss it away, so I eated it. And I have to admit, it was pretty good. Mmmmm, sausage croissanwich.

Okay, so the game I got was Sneak King. It’s the first one available, I guess they are rolling them out gradually and the week you go in there determines the game you get. SK was really the one I wanted first (although I hear one of the others, I can’t remember which, is actually really good) so I’m happy. I think it’s kind of cool that the game is combo format, compatible with both Xbox and 360. They’re $3.99 each, and when you had in the cost of a value mean it comes to about $9.

Sorry, I don’t actually have any comments on the game itself yet because it’s still in its wrapping (it comes in a proper green Xbox DVD case, not some cheap cardboard slipcover, yay), but I will post some soon. Just wanted to let people know that they are now out there and probably worth getting just because they’re so silly-cheap and are bound to add a curio value to your game collection. Just make sure you check that there are some homeless people outside your BK before venturing inside.

(Oh, I also feel like I banked some good karma because the server gave me change for a $20 when I only paid with a $10 and I gave her the extra $10 back. I wonder how many people do that, and how many just keep their mouths shut and keep the money?)

so I eated it.

Can I please write for you?

Take a look in the Everything Else forum once in a while Aszurom. You’ll be amazed at the things you miss.


Dude, you gave the money back? You are a very bad Sneak King.

My girlfriend once mailed a restaurant $5 in tip she later realized the group had stiffed the waiter, with a written apology. I’m not that noble, but I probably wouldn’t steal 10$ from a minimum wage cashier.

The King freaks me the hell out, which I imagine is the point. The whole Sneak King looks stupid, but delightfully creepy. I rarely do fast food, but Kudos BK, unlike fight night for the 360, this makes me want to stop by. Still irritated by Fight Night, but that’s more EA’s fault I guess.

I picked up all three today. Have to wait till I get home to try them out. First time I’ve been in a BK in 8 months. I hate them since I just love their cheese burgers and have sucessfully stayed away. Hopefully I will not get addicted again.

Did you have to buy 3 meals?

Yeah. I ended up just buying the cheapest value meals for 2 of them and ditching the food.

There are staaaaaarving people in Ethiopia!

Or so I remember my Mom telling me.

Are any of these playable online?

Do any of them offer Achievements?

How about some gameplay reviews? I was excited to learn via the Canadian site that these are being offered in Canada, as well.



Sweet. Better swing by the local one. I wonder if you can get them with a kid’s meal?


Time to hit on the waitresses for the games minus food.

Waitresses? Have you ever been in a Burger King?

They are people who WAIT on you? No? Fine. Cashiers, whatever.

And I have been in a burger king that had waitresses, but it was like some hybrid place. And it was on a highway. And I forget where, but somewhere NorthEast I believe.

So do you get to force-feed unsuspecting young women your morning sausage?

Carls Jr waits on you. Well they bring you your food after you order it at the counter, at least.

Burger King used to do that in the early 90s. They got bought out by some British guys who tried to change the way BK worked. I remember going there, and they’d give you a tray with a number on it, as well as some free popcorn. That way you could munch on the popcorn while you talked with your friends and waited for the food to be brought to your table.

Yeah, that didn’t work out.

So far I’ve unlocked 4 achievements: (possible spoiler alert!)

A Rank King- Achieve an ‘A’ Rank

Movin’ Out- Unlock Cul-de-Sac Level

What a Show
- Perform a Level 3 Flourish

Winner! - Beat 1 Challenge

Area Secure - Complete all Challenges in one level

edit: I was not forced to buy any food in order to get the game, but I did voluntarily purchase a BK Big Fish® Regular sized Value Meal along with the game.