Sneak preview of the next Star Wars movie

It goes to show that no amount of indiginity is above being soothed by a pile of legal tender. I’m not being cynical, just jealous that I’m not compensated on a daily basis for each time I make an ass out of myself.

C’mon Tom. The kids a fukin fat piece of shit that should be made fun of till the day he dies!! Fuk that fat fukin Oreo eatin nerd. I hate fat idiots with a passion!!

BWAHAHAHAHAHHH… What a stupid fat fucking dork who will never EVAR ever ever get laid. HAHAHAH… I wonder why fatty is going to the edge of the screen? To get an Orea cookie? hahahah what a fat piece of shit!

god damn I’m mean… :x



He’s Canadian. Figures.


Last week, Mr. Baio suggested that the Internet audience try to compensate Ghyslain for having been subjected to such global scrutiny. So far, more than 135 people have donated a total of $1,085 to buy him an iPod music player and perhaps an gift certificate.

I smell a lawsuit in the works.
This thing still makes me laugh. But I’m not laughing at his weight, I’m laughing at how ackward he is. I see tons of people saying stupid things like ‘he has some skill’ or ‘it’s beautiful the way he twirls’. That’s crap, he’s terrible and very very unskilled, as anyone would be with no training (though I doubt even then anyone would attempt the ‘high’ kicks.)
It’s just some sort of weird guilt thing to try to call him ‘graceful’ that I frankly do not get. Check out the last quarter, if you don’t laugh at the weird thing where he looks up at the ceiling for no reason than you just don’t have a sense of humor. Yeah I feel bad when other people become really vicious, but I’m not gonna compensate by labeling it the second coming of Christ.


The symapathies come from all of us having done some ridiculous, dorky stuff in our youth. We just had the sense not to tape it.


Boy, bet you’re looking forward to summer vacation, eh? High school can be such a bitch. (Or is it middle school?)

I didn’t really find this funny at all. Odd but not humerous.

– Xaroc

Like the NYT article said, this is a “Rorschach test for geek self-perception”. You either see yourself (or friends) in the kid and root for him, or you don’t. I would say this video is different from the many videos of people wracking themselves in various painful ways because of that edge of sympathy (there but for the grace of Internet go I) in the cruelty of laughing at the exposure of the kid’s secret fantasy.

And Tom’s right, in that the kid is graceful in the way only a fat kid who thinks no-one’s watching can be graceful: he just throws himself around with complete self-abandon because he doesn’t have to worry about anyone making fun of him. He thought.

“Star Wars Kid” Fundraising Update. In our fundraising effort, we’ve received 296 donations, totalling $2913 [which includes a donation of $500 (umm, wow!) from someone who wishes to remain anonymous].

Yeah, that was me.

Oh man, that was funny AND sad. Brilliant in its lameness.

Those videos are great… :mrgreen:

I believe it was a goon over at the Something Awful forums who did the remixed version.

Maybe it was but I believe he works at Ravensoft.

— Alan

Maybe so. I don’t really know, I just heard it was someone from SA.

And thank god that they were able to pump his stomach and save his life, but how gross was what they pumped out?