Sneaky 360 question

Ok, so my wife bought a “core” 360 a few months ago. Mine is older than that, but not launch old. Somewhere in between. I have the non-core, whatever that one was called, with the hard drive. She played a shitton of Oblivion on it, but hasn’t turned it on in a month.

If I unhook anything, remove my hard drive, remove her memory card, and swap the 360s, is there any difference? That is, are they completely swappable with no memory settings on the box at all?

I wouldn’t be doing this in the middle of the night, just so you know.

But I might do it while she’s out shopping (grabs collar and tugs).

Does she have any downloadable content for Oblivion? If so, she’ll notice that missing.

XBLA games will only work when she’s online, too. They’re tied to both the account and the hardware, so if it can’t match the hardware, it’ll force an online account check.

Wouldn’t it be on the memory card or otherwise tied to her XBL account?

She doesn’t have a LIVE account, only a profile. There is no internet connection on this machine. And there is no hard drive, only the memory card.

When I say “she”, I mean “we”. But really I mean “she”.

Edit: To add extra sneakiness, I might not do this switch unless I notice my Xbox acting up, then switch. Then, maybe weeks or months afterward, when she turns it on, I can be all Tommy Boy with the car door and go “What did you DO?”

This is only a backup plan.

But you already have a problem with your existing 360 - DREs. I know, I have them, too. We’re, like, brothers, man. /sniff

I’m chalking that up to the discs - for now.

There IS data stored on the machine.