Snipeasant, I am calling you out

Exhibit 1.

Exhibit 2.

I got The Silent Hill Experience. So far I’m impressed with how much material is has for the price. In relation to the movie - it has behind the scenes stuff and interviews with a lot of the people who worked on the movie, it’s kinda like having all the extras on the DVD way before the DVD is released (I haven’t even seen the movie yet!)[/quote]

Exhibit 3.

Exhibit 4.

Exhibit 5.

Exhibit Bajillion.

The Sexecution rests.

Good spot. That’s clearly a marketer.

Sounds like a viral marketer to me.

— Alan

But who is he a viral marketer for? Konami, Sega, DLP,, some flash game, and Trish Stratus? Seems like an odd bunch to me.

It’s not if he works for a marketing agency that is employed by Konami, Sega, etc. for that express purpose. I know of a few.

— Alan

That, or brother just likes the links.

Yes, but did you guys totally watch ARMED AND FAMOUS last night? It’s starting on CBS January 10!


There sure seems to be a basic formula for all his posts. He’s also low key enough I didn’t even notice who he was until this thread pointed him out, and I went and looked at the WWE women thread. He definitely reads like a professional VM.

Hmmm, a compelling argument indeed…

Not to join in the witch hunt or anything…

Apparently snipeasant has already bought a TV, and bought it months ago.

In fact, the cache of the Lik Sang forums shows that he has made identical posts on shocking Japanese videos too.


Awesome catch, that’s hilarious! Maybe it’s not even an actual person, just a general account name run by a business with a database of forum posts. I kinda hope it is a person, though, and he chimes in here for some entertaining recriminations.

Also here (as kung fu fist):

and here (as kungfu8):

and here:

and here (as doubledanger):

etc etc

WOW a Snipe-hunt!
Whitta that is teh funny.



So, is this reason for gentle touching?

Edit: Damn you Whitta!

Wouldn’t a ban be redundant? I mean, would you show your face here again?


Looking at all this guy/girl’s other posts, they’ve pretty much all been spammed all over every other forum in existence. The one about Armed and Famous, the toilets one…

I wish I had the time to go get him banned at all these other forums…this VM shit is pretty offensive.

Come on guys, what happenned to “that never actually happens! They’re just fanbois!”

No no, let’s delete this thread so that he doesn’t know we’re on to him, and then troll him every chance we get. Imagine, there is someone out there getting paid to feed trolls.