Sniper Elite 3 - Afrika

It comes out tomorrow! I really enjoyed V2 and felt this deserved a day one buy. I checked and we don’t even have a thread for it! For shame Qt3! This time you play as a Brit in Africa! Kill cam is back, and now has more in depth vehicle kill shots! Also maps are much larger and allow you to re-position for a better angle of attack.

You can still pre-order for 20% off @ Steam : (GMG had it for 40% off for the past week or so, but they are out of keys.)

Main game website:

Launch Trailer :

I’ve had this preordered for a while. I loved V2 and even the Nazi Zombie Army games. Hopefully I’ll get to play a bit tomorrow night before we go out of town for the weekend.

You go years without a North Africa game and then bam, two come along in a week.

And I heard about this now?

Damnit guys.

GMG’s Steam keys are out, pre-loading now!

Game actually available for play as of this morning (Midwest, US)…at least for me…played a few minutes this morning before having to leave for day and so far looks good…certainly a similar feel to the prior version, which is good to me. The xray camera is back with all its fun…feels a little bit slower when showing the replay as the bullets rip into the person:)

Can’t wait for this one, it’s loading now but I am stuck at work. :(

Yeah the kill cam has been slowed down, and the internal x-ray zoom has been done in even more detail with muscle and arteries, also lots of squish-blub-burb bullet passing through flesh sound.

So tempted given that I’m loving V2 right now. If not for getting it free with the great Steam offer, I wouldn’t have even tried these games. Might have to wait for a better sale on 3 though.

Its a good game so far…if you liked v2 you’ll certainly like this version…one of the only games I played completely through was v2 so I was more than happy to purchase at release price…however, if past history is an indication, this likely will go on sale a lot like the old version.

First mission was good, its used as a tutorial of sorts and then opens up a bit at the end. AI is a bit dumb, but I am not really expecting great AI , just sweet sweet kill cam sniper targets.

I decided to play on Sniper Elite difficulty, a little more challenge in aiming long shots, which is what I wanted. :) Cranked the settings up to Ultra and its looks quite good (I am not expecting CRYSIS here).

I seem to be gaining ranks and I don’t know why yet, I am almost rank 3. There are hidden things to find like playing cards and war letters. Also there seem to be set locations you can discover that give you the change to make a long shot, the one in the first mission was like 450 meters.

Just a random screen grab after taking out a nebelwerfer.

I also got an achievement for owning all 3 games, lol.

Was tempted to grab this until I read about the Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion stuff.
Shame, Enjoyed v2.

Its been fun so far, especially enjoying the openness of the maps where you have multiple approaches to the targets available…like having those options. Also, nice to be in a different setting than a city…been worth it to me so far.

I’ve never played any of these Sniper Elite games. Should I start with the first one in the series or skip to the more recent ones?

Totally up to you…the newer version has a couple new wrinkles and bigger maps…but just came out and higher priced. You could likely find V2 cheaper to see if you like it and then jump in later on v3. Of course I like them enough where I own them all, even the zombie ones, although I hate zombie games:)

Its sad you missed the V2 giveaway, it was free for a whole day on Steam earlier in the week. Overall I’d grab V2 cheap and see if you like it, then buy the 3rd one on sale.

7,000 Steam keys revoked.

Good luck to those of you that got hit.

My GMG key worked fine, game is still on my Steam account. GMG keys were not affected!

We want to confirm that this issue does NOT affect Green Man Gaming, nor any of our customers who bought Sniper Elite 3 from us.

They didn’t name it, but the list they published of the retailers NOT impacted covered most of the major outlets. I think it may have been one of those “grey” key resellers that got screwed.

I am loving the game so far, after 3 (or 4?) missions. Lots of options and routes are available and you can mix and match playstyles - from stealth to long range sniping to all out war. The “all out war” was fun and frantic (on Sniper Elite difficulty), had to use lots of traps, almost ran out of ammo, very satisfying. Stealth approach is also very fun (and also allows you to utilize traps, which is awesome). IMO sniper approach is the weakest - all you have to do is move between your shots and you can kill all the enemies with impunity (provided there is enough room to move, which is the case almost always). You can shoot 2 times before the enemies pinpoint your position and start assaulting you.

Lots of fun, great game.