Sniper Elite 3 - Afrika

“its back” could also be stated as “it has returned from the last game” :)

Sniper Elite V2 definitely has the kill cams and xrays (“bullet to the head” / “bullet to the nads” being the most popular options). Buy the Nazi Zombie DLC for the opportunity to shoot Hitler in the nuts.

It’s also significantly more linear than the first game. I guess the importance of this depends on the person, but the openness of the levels in 1 are vastly preferable to me than the kill cam and graphics of 2. I also think the sniping model in 1 is at least as good as it was in 2. So in sum, to people in here that are curious, don’t rule out sniper elite 1!

The fact that people are saying the maps are quite open in this game makes me happy, i’ll have to pick this up sometime.

The MP actually sounds kinda interesting, in that there is a mode where players are seperated by an uncrossable chasm, and have to snipe each other across this, where players can be spotters as well.

Does anyone know if that mode is also playable in single player and/or coop?

I checked, it can be played 1v1 up to 6v6. You can set up a private lobby that is passworded. Only 2 maps are available for that game type.

A better game than I imagined, much better than Sniper Elite 2. The open, interesting level design changes up all for good.

That said, it’s kind of glitchy.

So I picked this up recently during the xbox one $10 sale. Wow, I had no idea what a great game this was going to be. I love the x-ray/bullet came which never gets old (I have it set to high frequency in the options). It’s just so satisfying. I found myself doing a lot of the optional objectives because most of them put you in neat little encounters or areas you needed to get into. I also briefly tried the multiplayer, and it wasn’t half bad either. So I finished it in a few binge play sessions. It was < 8 hrs but felt like the right length to me.

I’ll have to go back and play v2 which I have on steam and xbox 360 and maybe the first one which I have on steam.

x2 was free earlier in the month wit Gold.

My god - I attempted this airfield mission 10 times before I realised this game does have manual saves. Somehow I just assumed it was checkpoint only. Onward!

Did they ever fix the multi-player save bug? IE: You could not save mid-mission in multi-player after they broke it.

Dunno - didn’t know there was MP.

It is a lot of fun when you play co-op with a friend. It just suckes that you have to do an entire mission in one setting since the saves are broken.

Switch version announced. Coming this year. Will include all DLC and local MP with motion control.

Started playing this again, nothing like a 4+ year gap between missions, finished up Siwa Oasis and the Kasserine Pass. Game still holds up, and I feel the need to finish this before starting Sniper Elite 4. :P

Some screens:

When the game gifts you a perfect lined up double headshot:

Found everything:

Kasserine Pass:

The tank fight which the game loves to toss at you most levels, went really well:

Peek-a-boo I see you tank commander.

Derp tank running over my mines, heh.

Some propaganda movie for the upcoming I am guessing big fight a few missions from now:

Press F:

Be damned if I could find that last war diary, after 30 minutes of running around I gave up. Sucks missing out on a collectible, where is my batman/witcher vision?!?!

Onward to mission 7 at some airfield.

Airfield was pretty fun, and one of the most explosive maps I’ve ever played on in a Sniper Elite game.

Didn’t bother finding the other war diaries, its just too much of a soul draining chore.

Onward to the final mission! I didn’t realize when I set this down ages ago that I was so near the end.

Finished up the final mission, overall I still preferred the story in Sniper Elite 2, seems I still have a few dlc missions to do now. Something regarding Churchill, and a Hitler take down mission also.

On to 4!

The Hitler missions are always built to allow a wide variety of resolutions, some of which are usually pretty spectacular and a few of which are often pretty funny. They’re awesome, but don’t get tied up too long, 4 is spectacular.

I really need to go back and play 3 myself. My friend and I tried to co-op it but the lack of mid-game saves made it difficult for two working adults to manage it (4 does not have this problem). We only got maybe 5 missions in. It’s a great game, it just didn’t work for us in that particular format.

Eventually! But first I have DLC that hasn’t been played! And finally some time to do so!