Sniper Elite 3 - X-Ray bullet explosions, Nazis, and Africa

Heads up for anyone getting this on Xbox One. The retail version will have a mandatory day one 10GB patch.

Sniper Elite V2 was one a decent shooter on Steam. if you didn’t play it, I hope you snagged it when it was free for a day.

I said somewhere they should use the Sniper technology for XCom games, where tracking the shots is so nerve-wracking.

Recent GMG codes are bring this down to $29.99 for pre-order.

The temptation is almost overwhelming, as I reallyreallyreally liked V2.

These developers have the best kill game in gaming.

NICE. If you do a quick-load it DELETES your auto-save. AWESOME!


Shelving this for a while.

I played it a while ago, and no, and I don’t remember having a problem with the saves. Maybe I just didn’t notice.

I really enjoyed parts of Sniper Elite 2. I enjoy playing the sniper role in games, and the parts where you actually played that role, slowly working your way into a good shooting position, trying to avoid detection, through the bombed out ruins of buildings, was a lot of tense fun.

What turned me off were the hectic arcade like parts of the game, where you’d be in a room and dozens of bad guys would be rushing in and you’d have to kill them all with fast shooting and traps. In fact, I just realized I never finished the game, because I got to the part with the rocket and was in a room where I had to hold off rushes of bad guys into the room and stopped, and just never picked it back up.

Such a great idea for a game, but such flawed implementation. Of course, that’s kind of Rebellion’s calling card, isn’t it?

I still think they should use this bullet cam in the XCom games, where praying for a shot to connect is a big part of things, and you could enjoy eviscerating a wide variety of alien body types.