Sniper Elite 5 - Slo-mo bullet surgery and release the kraken

I got stuck on that level as well with a bug, but it was for an optional part

Trying take out the kill target with the exploding rat. I killed someone that he spoke to as part of his routine, so he never moved past waiting to talk to him before going to shoot the rats. I had to reload a save before and plant the explosive rat before I killed the soldier he talked to.

There’s also an issue where I’ve reloaded a save and if an enemy had dropped an item like an envelope or key they don’t respawn on reload.

The Nazi’s just won’t listen to reason…

I never understood the point of pacifism. I mean, they’re fucking Nazis.

Fun as this is, I’m the most stumbling incompetent clown shoes sniper since Benny Hill. Had he been a not very good sniper.

I’m surprised that the game defaults to invasion mode being on, but I’m having a lot of fun invading other people’s games.

Favourite moment is that the game doesn’t tell you if you’re dropped into someone playing co-op. So you kill the sniper, then stand up thinking “err… why didn’t the kill screen show up?” and then the second sniper blasts you in the face.

if it defaulted to off, the average gamer would never know it existed and nobody could do invasions. At least with it defaulted on, the average person who hates pvp will get jumped once, go WTF WAS THAT, then decide to turn it off.

I don’t recall the default, but it seemed pretty much in my face to choose whether or not I wanted invasions on when I played the campaign. I flipped it off once and that was that.

Now that I’ve finished, I kind of love invading other player’s campaigns. I’m about 50/50 w/ success but it’s a tense, and usually quick, game of cat and mouse.

Late to load this up, even though I loved Sniper Elite 4 and played it quite a bit. Dropping into this was like putting on an old glove that someone turned into power armor. It feels so good but man it’s a LOT more deadly. There were times in SE4 I struggled, so far (map 3) I’m not having any problem from default. I really should restart with a higher difficulty.

I had a long laugh on the second map as I worked my way around to the back of the chalet. I shot a sniper out of a small tower with a room below and stairway going up to the snipe spot. From there I shot out the speakers for the alarms. Then I sat around the corner at the top of the steps with my quiet sidearm and must have killed 20+ enemies right there as the rounded the steps at the top. That made the subsequent run through the chalet a breeze. There were a few moments like that in the first game but I remember the AI seemed to handle them a bit better with grenades, etc. Then again this is the second map.

Those of you further along or finished, does the game difficulty progress a bit in play or should I restart with something a bit tougher? Like, tougher enemies, more timed patrols, more alarms raised, etc?

Do it.

I upped the difficulty to Sniper Elite (Hard) for Combat, Tactical, and Sniping and it’s about the same as the default Sharpshooter difficulty. Still have sniping assist, though the reticle has to be spot-on, still have radar-vision, and you still have magic-vision. So, you’re still a super-hero sniper. I like it more, though. Authentic difficulty is tempting, but I know I wouldn’t be able to snipe anything.

I’d agree, it doesn’t get much harder, you just need to take a bit more time if you’re trying the quiet approach. Around level 5 or so they introduce better snipers that can spot you from further away, but they’re just as easily avoided since they have long routines like the other enemies.

Noted. I noticed I can do that each mission (up the difficulty,) so I will. It’s hard to know where to select difficulty in games but I think having played SE4 pushes me over the edge into, “this is a bit too easy,” right now. Maybe the later missions will have a few more tough spots but I’ll bump things up a bit.

BTW, loving all the detail they put in to these maps. The graphical world they created here is fantastic.

I used a similar approach. I did everything in Sharpshooter to get familiar with the level a bit, then went back through on the next step up. I enjoy super long range sniping too much to play Authentic, though.


I have to say, I hit map 6 and it did jump up a bit in difficulty. I have a near never-ending search party out for me from the beginning and it’s been hard to weed them down. It’s been hit or miss on which bad guys are grouped together, I’ve noticed. I can snipe some not far from another … no yellow, no interest, etc. In others I will shoot one near the edge of an area and suddenly 5 others turn yellow and start hunting for me. It’s keeping me on my toes a bit. I think I also missed that you can’t melee an elite unit? I attempted to do so three times in a row yesterday and the unit kept waving his hand like he was blocking it. Finally I just shot him point blank in the head, which is actually easier to plan for now that I know.

I’m also enjoying the different ways they ask to kill the notable NPCs.

Have any of you even tried Authentic sniping yet? It’s basically an estimation simulator. So if you ever (like me) had problems in high school math classes, where you didn’t understand the formula, and if you were presented with one of those “two trains” problems, and you always managed to get really damn close to the answer by estimating, or even sometimes estimating spot on, although you couldn’t explain why you got it right because you were daydreaming earlier, then you will like Authentic.

I can’t even tell you how damn satisfying it is to make a head shot at a long distance using zero aids. And after a short time, you get better and better at it. Yes it’s quite a challenge, but super-satisfying.

Am I playing this game wrong if I play it as a stealth game with about 95% close range melee kills?

This is me 30 seconds into being stealthy:


Not at all. I use a ton of bottles and whistles and takedowns before I open things up and go either sniper mode or assault mode. This game will let you do whatever you want to do.

That’s how I do it, silent but lethal. I originally started to play it like Hitman, silent knock outs and hiding bodies. Eventually I just started using melee kills after sniping as many as possible from long range.

Aaaaaand, finished. I really enjoyed my time playing this, it passed fairly quickly for the most part. I didn’t grind too much on collectibles since I remember from Sniper Elite 4 that can be quite taxing on the first run through, if at all, though the lowest collectible count I had on a map was 9, and the highest was 15. Total time played was right at about 50 hours, but that also includes me walking away from the game for a few AFK breaks, etc.

They did a very nice job on this, including the maps. My only gripe, which is quite small, is that sometimes the animation and action of climbing up and down doesn’t quite line up when you attempt to do so. Of my relative 4 deaths, 3 were from or proceeded by falling.

Here’s to future DLCs!

Only 4 deaths, pretty good. I almost always kill my self a time or two with a poorly planned grenade.