Sniper - POV review

OK, I lynched this off GG. Funny as hell.

Great review, but I still say that this review of Leprechaun IV - Leprechaun in Space is the funniest review I’ve ever read.

Nice Sniper review, but the Leperchaun review is terrible. You thought that shit was funny?

I did when I read it. Which of course was in the middle of the night and I had been up for quite a while… Can’t remember any specifics about it, but I did laugh like hell.

Dear Lord, forgive me for reading that. Its absolutely the funniest piece of crap I’ve read, uhm, all week? :D

Question: is this how the game (Sniper) really is? Or is the reviewer embellishing just a bit to add comedy to what is really supposed to be a negative review?

No, thats really how it is - according to other similar reports I’ve read online.

Wow, that was pretty darn funny. :P

Leprechaun in the Hood was the best of all Leprechaun movies.