SNK + Wii = WIN?

As you’re all well aware, it’s hard to support 2D games worldwide. SNK can do just about anything they want in Japan and survive, but when considering which platform to thrust their games behind, they’re potentially in big trouble next generation.

For this entire generation, Sony wouldn’t let them translate games for the US market, despite the fact that, say Metal Slug 3 is every bit as fabulous as Gradius V or R-Type Final, it’s not just 3D. The Gamecube controller is rather prohibitive for the games they tend to focus on (fighters). And the Xbox isn’t exactly catering to the audience that screams for SNK like experiences.

With the advent of the next generation, it’s going to be even harder for SNK to get their games approved by Sony for translation. Despite the fact that they threw in 3D background modes for several of their games, Sony still wouldn’t allow it. The PlayStation would be the best platform to keep developing for, because its easily got the biggest fighting game fanbase on it and that’s where all the other fighting games are and all of SNK’s legacy games are on the platform. On top of that, SNK’s released almost all of their current gen games for the PS2.

Redoing all the collections for the Wii would take a lot of time they could be using to generate new games, but it might be worth it. First of all, the Virtual Console is tailor made for the types of games SNK makes, whether they be ports of old games or new games made in that style. They’re short, pick-up and play, they’re got graphics which are considered modest by 3D wow’em standards and they’re heavily in demand by oldschool snobs.

Better yet, SNK’s had a full rebirth of their quality. Metal Slug 6 is a return to form. Neo Geo Battle Coliseum is waaaay up there at the top of the heap of the dream match fighters that combine different games. The King of Fighter XI is amazing and continues their “gotta beat 98” mantra of releasing excellent KOF games. Samurai Shodown has experienced a complete revival. And on top of that, they made the excellent decision to give us a new Cardfighters Clash, as everyone knows the original is one of the most addictive card RPGs on the planet.

Even with the Wii controller being standard, I imagine there’s more than enough of an audience for the Virtual Console controller, which looks the best for SNKish games. And Nintendo will most likely do some sort of bundle to increase the amount of people who own it anyway, like they’ve done with their rumble paks, link cables, ram packs and so on. Better yet, of the three development environment for smaller games, I think the Wii both has the audience and the best kind of set-up if what’s unveiled for making new games for the VC turns out good. The other thing is with Wii’s graphics being less powerful, there’s not going to be as MUCH of a difference between SNK’s games and the rest as there will be on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Better yet, they probably won’t be tempted to throw in useless shitty online modes that only infuriate people who can actually play fighting games.

The more I think I about it, the more I think SNK should switch gears to Nintendo this generation. And no, for people who are asking, I’m still not selling my Neo Geo with the entire game run collection yet. Be patient.


Actually we got a few SNK 2D games for the PS2 – it’s just that SCEA wouldn’t let them sell the games on their own for the $40 price point SNK wanted to charge. That’s why we got the Metal Slug 4/5 and KoF 2000/2001 double packs for the PS2, but Metal Slug 3 and SNK vs. Capcom (which SNK apparently refused to bundle with other games) ended up on the Xbox instead. I’m pretty sure SCEA would let SNK release the Metal Slug 1-5 anthology for the PS3, but they probably couldn’t release Metal Slug 6 by itself.

I enjoy 2d games a lot, but I’ve never gotten into SNK games. I feel they are far too guilty of milking their franchises to death and releasing bare bones console ports.

Or is it… WINK? You decide!

I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the classic Snk ported over to the Wii. I just read in Nintendo power today that the metal slug collection is going on the Wii. Is god slayer the same as Crystalis? Also I remember a game I played on a Snk arcade cabinet a long time ago. I think it was magician something that would be an ok game for the wii along with the other classic games.

Magician Lord. Not a good game, but still looks pretty cool. I’d like to know who owns the rights to the arcade games I liked, but where the publishers/devs went under. Toaplan and Technos and TAD Corporation I’m pretty sure didn’t make it and they made good stuff like Snow Bros and Xain’d SleenA and Toki. SNK, meh - the love they got from the omg hardcore always seemed badly, even horribly, misplaced. Metal Slug 3 is rad though.

Crystalis was probably my favorite NES game. That or SMB3 maybe.

Neo Geo emulation would be nice for the Wii. There are a lot of people who never got to play Neo Geo outside of the arcades in larger cities who would probably jump on this. If Nintendo doesn’t manage it, it would be foolish for Xbox Live to pass up the opportunity to sell the SNK catalog.

I just want to thank Kitsune for remembering Crystalis.

And I want to curse his name for not mentioning Waku Waku 7, which is one of the first brilliantly demented Japanese games I’d seen. “BALLS! BALLS! BALLS!”

I want to make fun of him for liking Chang and Choi.

I dislike the Wii, but I endorse SNK content. I’d sadly buy Nintendo’s tragic little effort in faux-innovation just to play, say, Samurai Spirits Tenka.

That brings up the question of how many hoops Nintendo will make pulishers jump through to get access to the VC as opposed to MS’s with XBLA. From the other threads, it seems that retro titles need to be significantly redone and added to quailify for XBLA. Will it be OK for a retro game to just be itself on the WiiVC?

I would hope. I would enjoy the choice between a classic version and an EX version for two to three dollars more with some added features. I would not enjoy it if titles across the board were inflated in price due to significant additional work necessary to input additional features in order to prepare the titles for digital distribution.

Now that you mention it, I would like an arcade-perfect Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition. The PSOne port was pretty weak.

SNK?? (Two question marks for the character limit to be satisfied.)

Is Snk doing well financally? I know that they’re alot bigger in Japan then they are over here. I just haven’t heard much about them in awhile.

Last I’d checked, they were all right. The “Another Day” KOF anime helps, and KOFXI is reportedly the best KOF in years.

Card Fighters’ Clash on the DS is going to make them, or so I hope. CFC was the smoking pope on the NGPC.

KOF can’t be great without Joe Higashi.

That’s not an SNK game.