SNL hits rock bottom

I know, that announcement gets made a lot. But for realsies this time.

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he put the twice.

That sucked.

I believe they can go lower.

What’s funny is that in the thread about that episode (it was the first one back from the strike) there were several people who thought that skit was one of the best from that episode.

Haven’t seen SNL in a while.

Not feeling the urge to do so again after seeing that.

It could get worse.

Yeah, a friend of mine who’d seen the movie loved it, for Hader’s impression of Daniel Day-Lewis.

Even for the already-low standards of an internet “Oh noes! SNL sucks now!” thread, this is pretty weak. All it is is more evidence that SNL has a strong cast, hobbled by weak and/or lazy writing. “Hader does a great Daniel Day-Lewis impression! Do we write a sketch around it, or just build a set for the first idea that springs to mind?” “Kristen Wiig does a great Bjork! Let’s just put her on screen for a while; we don’t need to come up with a concept!” Which proves what I’ve always said: there is no places for writers in the sketch comedy industry.

Sometimes it even works, like with that lame and fairly obvious “The Other Other Boleyn Girl” commercial that had me cracking up just over Wiig’s character. And there are the occasional stand-out moments when they actually bother to come up with a concept. The show really just needs to be cut down to an hour long, which has been true for the past couple of decades.

I second the hour-long length suggestion. The first post-strike episode was all right. The one with Amy Adams hosting was truly horrible–I think I smiled once or twice during the Weekend Update and that was it. This last one was better, but they’ve got to get another writer as good as Tina Fey on that show stat. I just watched a rerun from early 2002 and it was truly funny, not because the cast was more talented but because the jokes/gags were.

That wasn’t so bad. I chuckled a couple times and if nothing else, at least it was a good Daniel Day-Lewis impression.

It’s infinitely funnier than those cheerleader sketches Will Ferrel and that other girl used to do.

Put me in the “that wasn’t so bad” camp. In fact, when it gets dark, I might even sneak out and go over to the “ha ha, that was funny!” camp. However, a) I am easily amused, and b) I love me a good Daniel Plainview impression. So there’s that.


Those of us who didn’t see the movie were sort of left out in the rain on that one.

Viewers unfamiliar with source material unamused by parody! SNL is d0med!1

Saying SNL is not funny anymore is so 90s. Now that they have trimmed their cast, this new season has really shone, but it has outstanding moments even from the psat couple of years as well. Andy Samberg and the others from Lonely Island have been the high points. I present the following evidence:

Laser Cats -

Laser Cats 2! -

Andy’s Dad, courtesy Lorne Michaels -

Grandkids in the Movies -

“Please tell your wife not to bother me”

Heh, I hehed.

The No Country satire part of the sketch was mildly amusing. And I mean very mildly… like, not really funny in and of itself, but you can see where it maybe could have been funny, if they had tried harder. But that was about 20 seconds of a 4+ minute sketch, and the rest of the sketch was painfully unfunny.

I think the cast is great and the writing never quite makes it up to their level of talent at times. Other times, it is comedy gold I tell ya! I love Wiig, so she gets a pass no matter what crap she does. THose skits where she is the reporter hitting on the attractive female interviewee are hilarious.

You people that think that SNL is dead to you have my permission to stop watching.

Can someone explain to me how it’s legal to have a website with a video archive but the archive is not fucking searchable? I wanted to see that Other Other Boleyn video and I can’t find the fucker on youtube to save my life, and NBC can’t be bothered to make their site worth a good goddamn.


Welcome to the SNL of the 2000’s – shout-outs instead of comedy writing. And shout-outs to movies that only a fraction of the population have seen at that.

The funny thing is that if I hadn’t known it was a (weak) parody, I would have enjoyed the surrealism of it.

Also, is Poelher (sp?) their security blanket or what? They have at least 8 cast members, but she’s in almost every sketch.

As trendy as it is to complain about SNL not being as good as it used to be (the common complaint of all old people everywhere about everything) I must say that most of my favorite SNL moments ever have come in the last few years. Dick in a box indeed.

EDIT: My thanks to JPR for his attention to my . . . uh nevermind that sounds bad.

It’s “dick in a box”.