SNL: the overly affectionate family sketch AGAIN?

Really, SNL? Did you lose all your writers and now can’t come up with one original idea, for the post-host-monologue sketch no less (early in the show)?

Obviously Tina Fey needs to come back (or someone with her chops). Because this bunch has got nothing.

Conan is free, though I doubt he’d go back to NBC

That isn’t even the worst of it, we also got “What up with that”, so that’s 2 sketches they basically didn’t write.

I fast-forwarded through the kissy family. Been there, done that, squicked out every time.

I have to say - last night’s show wasn’t the greatest, but ZG brought a welcome unhinged quality to every sketch he was in. And what’s up with his beard? Was he wearing a fake one? 'Cause he definitely didn’t have it in that beauty pageant talk show skit toward the end.

I love the What Up With That sketch, though last night’s was the weakest I’ve seen.
Also, WOW can SNL suck. Watching the show the whole way through is painful. It’s a wonder the clips on hulu can be so good sometimes.

I haven’t watched SNL for years, but as far back as the show’s beginning they’ve been recycling the same unfunny sketches over and over.

Somehow they came up with recipes for two kinds of sketches:

  1. brilliant concept for a 1-minute sketch, performed for 5 minutes so it gets old immediately, and then repeated from week to week for the rest of the year with the idea that it has somehow become classic.

  2. stupid joke idea otherwise implemented as per 1.

I don’t find the “What up…” sketch too bad, but it does generally go on too long. Last night’s at least had ZG doing the jazz flautist, which I found hilarious.

He looked very freshly shorn in the pageant skit – they must’ve shaved him during the ad break, and then put a fake beard back on him for the “thanks everybody” hurrah at the end.

I dig the “What’s Up With That” skit. It’s one of those “so stupid it’s funny” routines that saves SNL far too often.

The best thing about the overly affectionate family is it lets you know just how game the guest is.

If they don’t participate in the sketch at all, they ain’t that game.

James Franco, on the other hand, had his tongue down Andy Samberg’s throat for half the sketch. That sort of thing gives me a more favorable opinion of James Franco.

Then again, James Franco’s appearance was great in general because he came out and started hyping up a movie that didn’t exist. Gotta love the people in the audience who were clapping with excitement for this nonexistent film.

Edit: Zach Drops by the Set should just be a regular, once a week thing.

Speaking of James Franco & SNL this is my favorite skit in a long time:

The way he was moving his belly and feet? I nearly wet myself.

You nailed that one:

Most of this week’s episode wasn’t worth it, but I LOVED the opening monologue and What’s Up with that? Jason Sudeikis in that track suit dancing the way he does gets me every time. As does the cymbal music that starts up the songs during the guest conversations. So good.

I would hate this show so much if I couldn’t fast forward through 70% of it.

I’m still not sure whether I like Bill Hader for himself or solely because he reminds me of a young Dan Aykroyd.

This last ep wasn’t nearly as bad as last weekend’s. Plus Jerry Seinfeld FTW. I even liked the first Pearl Jam song (what’s it called?).

I liked Pearl Jam this week, but none of the sketches with Jude Law were as enjoyable as What Up with That. Why did they not have that this week! They should do What Up With That every week.

On a broader note though, Jude Law wasn’t all that great.

What Up with That makes me miss James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub Party.