Snowfall (Serialized Narco Crime Drama)

Hi guys,

I’d like to recommend a serialized crime drama. The closest comparison is probably Boardwalk Empire, The Wire, Narcos. Check it out if you get the chance, it’s been consistently good throughout.

My son was just recommending it to me. He and his wife really like it.

Looks interesting. I’ll be checking it out.

I like this show. It’s one of the few I’m keeping current with.

Season 4 dropped and I started watching it. It’s been so long I thought they cancelled it. Still a good show but it gets no attention.

It took me 3 years but I’ve finally gotten around to it. It’s quite good

I had missed this thread 3 years ago. It looks interesting. It looks like 4 seasons are on Hulu in the United States. D’oh! I just dropped Hulu. I hope I’ll remember late this year when I pick up Hulu again.

Just finished S4. Wow. I really didn’t expect it to go in the direction it has. I guess we can assume Alton is dead?

Looking forward to next season

At the tail end of Season 2 and it’s really starting to reward the viewer for all of the character development in the first 1.5 seasons. I am a sucker for shows about narcotics, especially when it’s about an ambitious young man trying to start his own business.

It reminds me a little of the excellent Netflix movie “Dope”. The first place I heard about snowfall was a tweet about how it is better than the Wire (promptly followed by a thousand people disagreeing with them). It really is nothing like The Wire beyond sharing the subject matter of drug dealing. Snowfall is much more like a typical TV show, but it is worthwhile.

I like how Saint kindof fell into the huge role he has now. Showing some intelligence and bravery early on, combined with large amounts of luck, thrust him into a serious amount of opportunity. I really hope he gets punished soon as the amount of weaknesses his organisation has makes it seem almost unrealistic that he hasn’t rubbed up against a much larger force who could take out his outfit in a couple of hours. His muscle is super weak beyond 2 decent guys, his lieutenants are kids who are well out of their depth, and having the recipe for crack makes him a very attractive target.

Over the next couple of seasons you’ll see distinct parallels with Walter White.

I just found up that S5 started this week on FX & Hulu.

There’s too much stuff out there to watch.

Thanks for the heads up.

I don’t normally like the phrase, but that was a real jump-the-shark moment. I’m debating with myself whether to even stick with it.

Haha I caught up. The writers are sampling the product. It’s fun thought.