Snowpiercer (2020) on TNT

Yeah, I guess this is what confuses me. If you already have it, and there’s no more production costs, then why not just air it?

This makes sense. But what a shame. I have to say I didn’t like where the last series ended up so much but I’d still have liked to see the intended ending.

Nice! Glad to see the time I invested in the show will pay off with a real series finale. Snowpiercer may not be AAA level award winning television, but it was an interesting and well produced series with a solid cast and it seems like it may have been one of the last of the cable TV scripted series as most networks that used to produce such content have become zombie channels. Ironic that AMC, the channel known best for actual zombie shows, is Snowpiercer’s new home. I really like a lot of what AMC has done in the last decade, and I hope the channel is profitable and able to continue.

Snowpiercer Season 4 Premieres July 21 on AMC and AMC+