Snowpiercer For Kids: Infinity Train

I just binged all green episodes, this slow on CN is just fantastic. Reminded me of Philip Jose Farmer’s Dungeon, Alice in Wonderland and obviously Snowpiercer.

Will keep an eye out for it, thanks!

Caption Janeway, Koran from Voltron, Winston from Ghostbusters are some of the voice cast.

… It’s for kids but slightly scary.

Add it to my watch list for a rainy day. I still have 2 seasons of Rick and Morty to watch.

There are 10 episodes of twelve minutes each. Its not a big time commitment.

At first I thought this was going to be about the new TV Series adaptation coming out…still can’t believe that this is going to be a thing.

Love the comparison with a Snowpiercer, OP.
My cousin watched this (so did I) and we kinda liked it. Not on the same level as Over The Garden Wall but definitely still worth a watch.

What is, eh? I adored that.

Just finished season 2 tonight and it was another creepy ride. Who knew it’d be the second (His Dark Materials) children’s show this year having to do with original sin?