Snowrunner, aka Spintires 3, aka Mudrunner 2

I think you can in general on PS4, but to be honest I never listen to game music anyway so I have no idea.If I want to listen to other stuff I just use my phone or Sonos.

I just got this, and am the worst.

Bear in mind, I don’t own a drivers license either, so maybe thats why, but man! The tutorial dumps me in Alaska, and there are two or three different contracts I can try. Going west I am stuck trying to go to the fuel station- This is either with the big truck, or the small truck with a trailer attached.

Going east, I get stuck with the small truck with a trailer, trying to go uphill with a load of iron to fix the rockslide.

I have bought two of the same trailers now, because I was stuck with one attached to the small truck, and had to ditch it.


One word, @Razgon: Michigan. :)

I don’t recall if you’re boxed in by the tutorial, but you’ll be a lot more comfortable in Alaska after you get a bit more gameplay progression under your belt. Michigan is much easier to get around, to learn the systems, to unlock some stuff, to not be frustrated by goddamn ice and snow and snowmud quagmires.


Thanks!! I did suspect this was the case, but thought that since I was deposited in Alaska, thats where I was supposed to be.

Back to Michigan with me!

It really cool, this game - relaxing and fun, and its very rewarding in terms of when you accomplish something, it feels good. I crossed a raging river, and was thrilled when I succeeded ! When was the last time I felt this good about moving 25 feet in a game?

I am loving this game. The slow, steady pace is absolutely awesome, but I’m particularly fond of the self-leveling I’m doing. I’m improving far more than my trucks.

I still roll too much, but rolling has replaced getting stuck. Granted, I’m still in Michigan, having avoided Alaska for all but the minute of tutorial.

Have to say the new Kola Peninsula map is the best one yet. Very tricky, but great, don’t fall through the ice!

Fired this up for the first time in a couple of weeks last night. Checked out Kola briefly before returning to make another run at the final Michigan contract. I drove my P16 all the way up the switchbacks and through Drummond to the port, hooked up the big rig and left it parked there ready to start hauling it slowly back the way I came.

Included in Season 2 is the following content:

  • Two new maps, Flooded Foothills and Big Salmon Peak, in the new Yukon, Canada region. Both are 4km² and mean the game is now 50% bigger than at launch!
  • Three new vehicles. The CAT 770G, the largest truck ever in the franchise. The CAT TH357D AG, a versatile forklift. Finally, the KRS 58 “Bandit”, an 8x8 with a built-in light crane, great for rescue missions.
  • New pioneering gameplay. For the first time in the series, strive to build brand new facilities and bring the wilderness under control with a Large Ore Processing Plant made of 3 smaller buildings. New cargo crafting and raw material collection from disassembly supports this.
  • A host of customization upgrades, including interior and exterior customization items.

Nice! I just finished up Alaska and currently working my way through the Russia map. Can’t wait to check out the new content!

This game is just so darn good, might even be my GOTY.

That DLC looks really neat; I like the look of the eight-wheeled Bandit. Need to make time to get back to this, I agree it’s a GOTY contender.

I’m waiting for mod support to come to consoles before buying any of the DLC and jumping back in to this. Hopefully there’ll be a sale on some or all of it by then.

Picked this up for PlayStation in the Black Friday sale. Only basically just got out of the tutorial, and drove around to the watchtowers on the first map.

Do I understand this correctly that when I take a mission that wants me to deliver metal/lumber/concrete whatever, that each mission wants a particular trailer load of the materials? I was trying to take metal to repair a bridge and came to a downed power line tower, which also needs metal, but it either doesn’t want the metal from the trailer I was already towing, or I don’t understand how to use it.

Follow up question, is there anyway to reset a trailer I’ve dragged somewhere and gotten stuck?

Why would you want to undo a win condition?

If it’s a mission like that, that just wants generic goods supplied somewhere, then it doesn’t matter where they came from (the map will highlight where you can find/buy them). If it’s a bespoke request, like a particular trailer, then yes you need to do bring that particular one. I suspect in this case you don’t have the relevant mission active, or haven’t activated it yet (always remember to activate missions as and when you discover them, or you’ll have to go back later and do it before you can complete them).

As for resetting, again, if it’s a mission critical trailer/truck, yes. If it’s just one you bought, or that is lying around the map, no. The whole point of the game is digging yourself out of these messes, though it’s a lot easier once you’ve unlocked better stuff.

I recall that fairly early in the first map there was a mission that required delivery of a specific trailer and that I ran into this same issue. Probably the same mission!

I don’t believe so. The game gives you plenty of free trailers and you always have the option of purchasing more. Won’t be too long before you have the means of retrieving that stuck trailer.

For trucks, as long as you can switch over to the truck and essentially claim it, you can recover those from anywhere. It took me awhile to figure out how to switch to trucks out in the field via the map, but it’s doable, so you should never end up with a truck that’s truly stuck.

Thanks for the heads up that this is on sale. May pick up the premium edition and see how it looks on the PS5. I’m having a lot of fun with mudrunner on pc.

As an aside, I hate the new PlayStation app.

It’s a beautiful game, but now that I’ve had the PS5 for a week I’m spoiled. Give me a PS5 version of Snowrunner! Give me ray-traced reflections in the water, and advanced rumble feedback and trigger resistance as my tires slip and grip the mud! It would be awesome, but that’s in no way a dissatisfaction with the game as it stands now.

I should be getting my ps5 this week if costco is to be trusted. I’m torn because I know I will want Snowrunner eventually but I’ve now bought mudrunner on 2 platforms (switch and PC) and have only played the first half dozen or so challenges (on each).

Question: Are there mudrunner style challenges in Snowrunner, or is it just straight to the campaign?