Snowrunner, aka Spintires 3, aka Mudrunner 2

Thanks @Ginger_Yellow. I purchased some All Terrain tires for the initial Pickup since they were marked as Good in mud.

That’s great :D

The other day I rebought the game for PC - basically because having the console on during the day in my house is frowned upon, whereas the PC… well, it’s work, innit?

I used the Epic voucher and also bought the season pass with a second voucher. With the season pass you get the Khan in the first garage! It is a monster, basically a cheat car. It goes about three times as fast as anything else and barely anything stops it. I don’t feel bad using it on the first two maps, as I had already explored them on the PS4, so it’s helping a lot with getting back to where I was, but I’m wondering if I should continue using it after that.

Having tasks activated and being able to repair bridges is a game changer - it turns out I was playing the hardest puzzle game in the world before. For example, here are my attempts to deliver the fuel trailer due to the Mountain Bridge being down on Map1 (map spoilers):


  1. Trailer wedged in rocky crevasse. Eventually went around and winched it out from below.
  2. Trailer stuck in soft bank. Eventually winched out.
  3. Trailer feet stuck on road hump. Reset
  4. Trailer stuck at bottom of shortcut near garage. Reset
  5. Eventual route. Madness.

Pure folly.

Ah, so that’s why that stupid thing is in there. It really does undermine the challenge level of the early maps by making your poor starting Chevy obsolete. I got the sense you were supposed to upgrade that Chevy to learn about how to modify your vehicles so they’re better suited to different situations. But with that Khan, no need. Just play it as a “get out of mud jail” free card.

I’ll never understand why game developers let stupid marketing and season pass boondoggles undermine their game designs…


You shouldn’t hide that brillant thing behind a summary, that’s just made the game so much more exciting to me than all those screenshots :D

I did this one yesterday. Opening up the Quarry was a trial though. My truck had a flatbed loaded with parts pulling a trailer with concrete slabs on it. I got nearly to the bottom of the quarry and tipped them both over, spilling contents everywhere. The truck I sent to rescue them also tipped over. I had a pile of trucks, trailers, boxes and concrete. Sent a third truck and was able, with an hour of wrangling and some judicious crane usage, to disentangle everything, reload the cargo and finish the mission. Then I ground my sllooowww way hauling those containers out of the quarry and up the switchbacks to the mountain warehouse.

Anyone know a way to rearrange cargo without a crane? Like if I want to move cargo from trailer to truck? Only way I could figure was go to the garage, install a crane, use it to transfer cargo to the truck, uninstall the crane (which does leave cargo intact) and then sell the trailer at the trailer store.

Is the pickup truck capable of carrying any loads? I got it to the Warehouse and was hoping it would be able to pickup at least a single load, but I parked in the Yellow area and don’t see anything.

Will have to do some scouting to figure out how to get a real truck out here — tried to go the direct route and got stuck in the mud :-(

Scouts can’t carry cargo by themselves, but they can haul scout trailers that can hold 1 or 2 cargo slots. There are roof and bed racks for the pickup and other scouts that can hold a little extra fuel, spare tires and repair parts.

Rocketing to No. 1 on my wishlist:

It can’t take trailers though (and can only carry cargo if you’re level 12), so only useful for certain missions. But it seems to be basically unstoppable apart from deep water.

I guess I’m pretty hooked. It was dark in the game, but I noticed somehow it seemed bright out anyhow, and I looked up and discovered that the sun was coming through the windows and I had played all night!

I finally managed to get all the material types I need to build the mountain bridge, although I’ve only managed to get one of the two concrete blocks out there — I ended up hauling one load of concrete over the mountain with my pickup truck. I guess load two will have to wait until I’ve slept.

I had planned out this whole route for getting my starter truck to the factory side of the mountain. I scouted it out and it seemed pretty doable. I drove the truck in a round about route and I thought I was going to be in the clear and then it bogged down and got stuck in a small stream :-(

It was interesting seeing how the physics engine works. I tried crawling over a steep shortcut with the pickup and the two-load scout trailer and it just couldn’t do it. Once the path got steeper no forward progress at all. Then I switched to the one-load scout trailer and while slow, that was doable. I’m assuming it’s because of the trailer weights.

Also I need to figure out how to backup with a trailer attached. I’m horrible at it.

Just stumbled across this extremely useful breakdown of tyre type differences:

Woohoo, gottened! Word of warning, the recovery is a lot trickier than it looks. I tipped over about five times. It would probably be a lot easier with chain tires too, but I’m way off unlocking those on my main truck.

Great movie, and now that you’ve said that I basically have to get this game at some point.

I’m sure you know, but make sure you recover the truck outside the garage at the start and upgrade it to AWD etc. That one will be your early game workhorse.

Do bigger tyres make your truck more tippy? I’ve lost the same load three times now and it seems the truck could tip at any time. Using the 46"ones now.

Presumably they raise your center of gravity some.

You folks make this idea of trucks in mud almost seem entertaining! I have always liked the aesthetic of mudrunner - gloomy, foggy and apocalyptic. But I never could convince myself that this could be fun…

I am tempted to ask you to convince me but my backlog is so huge I am expecting it to collapse to a point of infinite density any minute now…

Yes, I am holding off for now because of that very thing and the certainty that it will at least go on a little bit of a sale before my Epic coupon expires…

Finally finished Michigan although there is a bug where it only credits you with 8/10 trucks found so stuck at 98% :(. Apparently fixable if you go into another player’s game and re-find all the trucks but screw that!

Onto snowier climes.

It took me quite a while to figure out that I was supposed to just recover it. I went so far as to purchase the Scout Fuel Trailer to refuel it, then I discovered everything on it was busted, so it sat there for quite some time before I suddenly realized I could just recover it and everything was repaired.

I did not realize that it had an AWD option though!!! Thanks @Pedro. I was wondering how the heck I was supposed to get to that warehouse!

I also recommend selling both your starter pickup and that heavy duty you find outside the first garage. and buying an Offroad. The Paystar is really nice. You’ll be amazed at how easily it powers through mud and it can haul most loads you’ll need in the first map.