Snowrunner, aka Spintires 3, aka Mudrunner 2

Just finished the Quarry stuff on MI Map 2; what an absolute bastard that place is.

Next map seems to have no garage but a bunch of fuel trailers dotted around. And lots of water and mud. Might be time to upgrade my truck.

Island Lake? There’s a trailer store near the entrance tunnel, you can just buy a fuel trailer, refuel, and sell it back.

Good idea, thanks!

The Smithfield Dam map is the devil. There is no easy route from the garage to the Island Lakes. I’ve rolled now 5 trucks trying to get a rescue truck to Island Lakes. Rage quitting is coming.

Make it 6. Jesus. Fuck. I’m done with this game for awhile.

Yeah, that haul from the garage is a real drag. I only scouted the two later Michigan maps and will come back later when I’ve done more in Alaska and found something with a bit more grunt. (I haven’t bought any trucks so far).

Alaska is reasonably fun for mixing it up - mostly icy asphalt driving so far - and keeping it fresh, but shorter play sessions are the order of the day for me now.

There’s a fairly easy route, which also happens to be the most direct. It’s kinda slow though. Go straight down to the river from the garage, ford the river, then go up the hill and follow ridge to the antenna. Then drop down to the main road and the tunnel is right there. You’re much less likely to tip than trying to go round the side of the map, and you don’t have to go through the swamp either. The swamp route is quicker, but you need to be able to get through a lot of mud/water, which is tricky early game.

I rolled on that route twice. I think I was just getting frustrated and trying to rush through. The crane makes the trucks a bit unstable too. This morning I used the swamp route, which had just seemed like a PITA, but it was ok. Of course the loading crane isn’t heavy duty enough to lift a 4-slot load, but I did right the truck that had tipped. I guess that load of drill parts will just have to float around in the Island Lakes swamp.

Woohoo, all Alaska contracts finished. Onward to Russia!

Not a moment too soon either:

Yeah, don’t think I’ll be able to winch my way out of that one.

So they are testing the engine already for Spintires 4, Moonrunner!

What the heck are we gonna be able to attach a winch line to on the moon?

I went back with some heavier trucks from Alaska and I feel your pain. It’s like every trail in that Smithville Dam map has a 15 or 20 degree slope across the body of your truck. Michigan has been unexpectedly kicking my arse, though I’ve mostly settled in to using the BM17 on Island Lakes now and it is good. Love that truck with the three speed low gearbox.

A nasty moment when my saves disappeared yesterday for a short time with the new patch. There was only a New Game option and no Continue Game. Came back pretty quickly though.

Yep the initial patch was looking for game saves in the test version location. They fixed it up pretty smartly.

Finished Michigan and Alaska 100% now. Not even been to Russia yet, looking forward to it and the Tayga!

Nice, I’m still working my way through Michigan. I’ve visited all the watchtowers, fixed all the roads, and found all the vehicles, but still have two more Michigan contracts to finish and a few upgrades to find before I segue to Alaska for a bit.

All contracts finished! Man, the last two Russian maps are nasty. Still have a few missions left on each map, and even one watchtower on the Rift, but I think I’ll lay this one down until the DLC.

Oh man, I am SO HAPPY I went with the regular version and not the deluxe for $20 more. RDR2 taught me that the freebies as part of a bundle edition are nothing but a pain (that stupid thoroughbred blocked the war horse from being attainable early on).

Now I just need this download to complete…

Is anyone playing this co-op on PS4? Assuming it’s not cross-platform.

I’m still on the first Michigan map, but I am really digging the Chevy pickup. I thought for sure I’d prefer the Scout 800 I found, but it’s way too bouncy and unstable. My Chevy is doing great, and I rolled it only once, during the task where I have to find and knock over some barrels. Only mistake I made with the Chevy is the V8 engine, which is as a gas guzzler. But I enjoy the camera view with the Chevy, and the overall feel.

I’m using my Scout 800 as a mobile refueler for my Fleetstar and Chevy, which are my two workhorses. And I’m debating whether to buy the Paystar. So far the Fleetstar has been solid, once I figured out that

A) I have an AWD upgrade. Wish I knew that BEFORE I tried to do the mountain bridge delivery 3 freakin’ times.

B) I can add a flat bed to it and then not have to use a trailer every time. I am using trailers when I have to, but sometimes it’s faster to load the flat bed and make the drive twice. Not sure if that’s sacrilege, but it’s how I’ve been doing it.

I wish there was a custom music option in the menus, like a way to login to Spotify or Iheartradio. Really noob question: can I do that on the PS4 and then just turn the music off in the game (and still hear the other sounds of the game)?

Very true. I feel like these are enough of a punishment.

Am I correct that I should accept all tasks as I find them, even if I don’t do them immediately?

I think you can in general on PS4, but to be honest I never listen to game music anyway so I have no idea.If I want to listen to other stuff I just use my phone or Sonos.

I just got this, and am the worst.

Bear in mind, I don’t own a drivers license either, so maybe thats why, but man! The tutorial dumps me in Alaska, and there are two or three different contracts I can try. Going west I am stuck trying to go to the fuel station- This is either with the big truck, or the small truck with a trailer attached.

Going east, I get stuck with the small truck with a trailer, trying to go uphill with a load of iron to fix the rockslide.

I have bought two of the same trailers now, because I was stuck with one attached to the small truck, and had to ditch it.