So, 9900K? Or Ryzen 2700X?


It’s what I got. I also got my M.2, some SSDs for more storage and it’s the video card that will give me the FPS I want. I expect the system to do well for years.


Ok so it’s 3AM here and after watching all kinds of youtube reviews/playthroughs of 2700x/9900k and reading your posts I just ordered a motherfucking

PALIT VGA GeForce RTX 2080 GamingPro OC 8 GB
AMD CPU Ryzen 7 2700X AM4 Box

as well as

Product picture\ 40x40 RAM G.SKILL 16GB KIT DDR4 3200MHz CL14 Flare X for AMD
Product picture\ 40x40 Mobo GIGABYTE AORUS X470 Ultra Gaming
Product picture\ 40x40 Power Supply Corsair RM750x (2018)
Product picture\ 40x40 SSD disc Samsung 970 EVO 500GB

I am gonna sell GTX1070 for about $300, so…all in all 1750 bucks, all to reach 60fps in AC Odyssey

Fuck PC gaming :D

The only things I am keeping from my current PC (2500K, 8GB, GTX1070, M4 120GB SSD) will be the glorious 2004 Chieftec case that has already lived through Athlon 64, Core 2 Duo and Core i5 2500K:

As well as Asus Xonar audio card and the hard drives + disc drives, of course.


Damn. Please post pics of the build.


Nice case, does it have usb 3 ports on it ?


I like how you plunged right in. The girls got to get wet eventually so just go for it.

Seriously though, nice set-up.


One of us! One of us!


It has some USBs in the front at the bottom, but I never used those :)

Thanks, super excited about the upgrade now. Finally CPU limited games like Mafia 3 (which I still consider a great game and want to replay it for a third time), Kingdom Come, AC Origins and Odyssey should run the way I like them, with no stutters.

I will have to read up on memory timings configuration though. I saw some benchmarks and apparently there is a huge difference between various timings:

Hah, I’ve always liked AMD…my old Duron 800 and Athlon 64 were the shit. Glad to see AMD back after a decade of Intel. Plus gotta admit, the recent paid benchmarks shenanigans that Intel pulled with 9900K also soured me a bit.


I’m super happy to see AMD back in the game! I have such fond memories of the Athlon era, although I’ve been on Intel chips ever since the Core2Duo. Now if they can fight their way back into the GPU business…


New monitor time!


Yeah same here. It was about time, decade of Intel domination was way too long.

I thought about some 34 ultrawide or something, but I prefer sofa TV gaming anyway and the 5 year old panasonic plasma I got is still performing perfectly. I think I will keep it until it flat out dies on me.


Not much increase for the 9900K in single-threaded applications (CEMU is one, apparently). That’s just the difference in boost clock rates, which I guess makes sense for the same family.


5 GHz sounds good but if it comes with 200W I think waiting for a die shrink is the thing to do.


It takes 170W to hit max turbo on all cores, which you probably won’t be doing too often. The primary reason not to get a 9900k is its price, power consumption really isn’t a big deal.


Guys, if you learn to love 1080p this is all so much cheaper.


1440p at 60fps is cheaply achievable too, it’s just 120Hz+ and/or 4k that takes a ton of juice.


I just ordered my Ryzen 2700X! YAY!


Sadly my 2500K cannot handle 60fps in some games (AC Odyssey, Kingdom Come, Mafia 3, Watch Dogs) even in 720p anymore. Plus I like downsampling from 4K or 1440p, it looks much better than straight 1080p.

Nice. What mobo and memory did you get? Or did you already have it.


You can see much of it here:


I’m all done for the next five years, on the CPU front, atleast.

It was quite a pain fitting everything in my Micro ATX case. Next time I’ll go ATX.


Nice job on squeezing that stuff in there, Lamalo. I’ve been slowly building a new system and was super tempted to go ultra small, but chickened out in the end. Standard ATX this time.

Where did you purchase your 9700K from? My Amazon preorder is still in limbo with no specific ETA. I have heard that European orders and some US orders have already shipped, so my hope is that it might arrive by the weekend.