So, 9900K? Or Ryzen 2700X?


One of the suppliers from my workplace. We work with several major importers here, and that was the fastest, I just drove there and grabbed it, quickly, before others grabbed all the stock.

Oh, and I did not buy it, my boss appreciates my work, I rarely pay for hardware.


Nice selections! But man it kinda pisses me off seeing those prices! Your SSD costs 162 bucks, here the same SSD costs 260 bucks…CPU is also 80 bucks more expensive here, the RAM too…


Sorry, didn’t mean to rub your face in it or anything!


Thanks, Lamalo. Turns out Amazon 9700K preorders are pending fulfillment and should ship by the weekend. This according to an Amazon rep.


Hah, no worries.


Any speculation on when the new Intel parts will be back in stock? Does this typically last a few weeks or is it even longer?


No idea, Tim. It sounds to me like Intel didn’t produce nearly enough for the demand. Some companies, like Amazon, are still waiting.


Intel is having severe 14nm shortage issues. Hence the paper launches this summer and shortages even now.


A couple of months ago, I went w/ a 2700X. I put the money I proactively saved vs Intel into my extravagant GPU purchase.

If you’re buying a PC for gaming, and intend to play at 1440p or 4K the Intel gains diminish quite a bit. With any one of these processors, at higher than 1080p resolutions, the games are GPU constrained, not CPU constrained. You can see specifics on these charts:

I’d also guess AMD lowers prices even more, or offers deals, over the holiday shopping season to make it more worthwhile. I also expect AMD to come out of the gate in early 2019 w/ a smoking 7nm CPU that dominates the year, while Intel struggles to achieve 10nm.


My go-to games nowadays seem to be mostly single or dual threaded. Meaning clock speed is really important. Total Warhammer, Planet Coaster, Rimworld, Kerbal Space Program, most of my strategy games.

I think for most people, AMD would be such a no-brainer if not for the above.


An Amazon rep just told me that my 9700K preorder will ship within 24 hours.


Are those hours consecutive?


As it turns out, the answer is no. Apparently Amazon CS just makes stuff up to get customers off their backs, in situations like this.


They actually made that up? How lame!


Did I ever tell the time that Amazon customer service (clearly based in India or somewhere similar) insisted that I actually would receive a package on a given day, and that I just needed to wait for it because it would definitely be there. They wanted me to just sit there and wait for it, because it was definitely, 100% going to be there.

This was at 9:00 p.m., on the given day it was supposed to be delivered. The package was coming through the U.S. Postal Service. The person I was talking to was in India or somewhere similar, and clearly was just saying whatever the fuck they could to: (a) not admit they missed the guaranteed delivery date; and (b) just get me to leave them alone about it.


This is a symptom of a call center representative with no power. During major holidays deliveries can be very late, but it’s not usually the USPS.


Ok, Ryzen is installed.

Couple snags:

  • RTX 2080 has no DVI?! WTF! GTX1070 had it! So I have to buy an extra cable, god dammit.

  • Aorus Gigabyte Motherboard has no PS2 anymore! WTF! So my keyboard can’t be connected (using the wireless USB one I have for couch right now)

  • Windows does not accept my serial key for activation! And logging with MS account is useless because I did not pair the license with my account BEFORE I replaced the hardware! So I guess I will have to call MS tomorrow and pray they will activate my windows if I give them the key or something. Or buy another key somewhere?

And yeah I decided to simply boot windows with new hardware without reinstallation! And it works and saves me time on reinstalling and setting everything up. And the new 500GB SSD will be used only for games, not for the system, at least for now.

Anyway, couple pics





The Windows phone activation is automated, and I can’t imagine you’ll run into any obstacles other than the tedium of punching in the activation codes.

As for DVI and PS2… It’s 2018. You’re lucky to have an HDMI port. It’s all about Display Port and USB-C VirtualLink.


Great, hopefully it will work.

And yeah. I hate display port. It has that annoying issue where turning monitor off means windows disconnects it and fucks up the settings and what not. At least there is HDMI. Still, DVI was always problem-free for me.


I’m surprised the 1070 had one! My 1080 doesn’t have a DVI, and I think my 970 may not have had one either.