So, 9900K? Or Ryzen 2700X?


Can any of you good people with nVidia cards and Witcher 3 installed test if DSR (downsampling) is working for you in TW3?

I was all excited to see Witcher 3 downsampled from 4K on the new system, but whenever I increase the resolution in the game to 1440p or 4K from my TV’s native 1080p, the game crashes. Same with GTA 5 and Dishonored 2.

Kingdom Come and Mafia 3 downsample properly without crashing though.

Using latest hotfix 416.64 driver.


I could have a look if I knew where Downsampling lived.


If you go to nvidia geforce control panel, manage 3D settings, DSR factors. If you have 1080p, enable 1.78 and 4x, and that will give you option to run games at 1440p and 4K resolution even on 1080p screen. It will make those resolutions available in games.

Thanks :)


Well I’m at 3440 x 1440 so I’ll try 1.2x ?

Edit: Well that got me an option of some high resolution which gave me a BSOD when I tried using it. Same thing for you?


It actually gave me a BSOD on the previous driver I was using.
With the latest hotfix driver - 416.64 - it just crashes to windows - no error message, no BSOD.

With the 3XX line of drivers (and all previous ones), DSR has always worked perfectly.

Which driver do you have?




Yep, that was the one that did BSOD for me.
So now the new one “only” crashes.
Maybe in couple versions nVidia will get it right again and actually makes DSR work.


I actually played around with DSR quite a bit earlier this year without any issues, so it may be something they recently broke.

My experience is it doesn’t really change much that can be seen/noticed, so I don’t really use it, honestly. It’s just extra wear/tear on my video card.


Yeah it got broke in the 4XX line of drivers. I used DSR for years without issue in TW3.
To me it makes pretty huge difference. When playing TW3 in native 1080p, there is a lot of shimmer and aliasing particularly on vegetation. In 1440p downsample the image is lot more stable, and in 4K the image is absolutely perfect.


Aaaaah, fuck.

So I was playing Red Dead Redemption 2 this morning, when I hear Windows make a sound they make when they detect hardware change. I am like WTF so I swich the TV input to PC and…

black, no signal detected.

So I try different ports, monitor instead of TV, restarts and what not…

Nothing. No signal, even on boot, so the BIOS stuff is not visible either. I look at the RTX and see the light is not lit and the fans are not turning.


So I put back my trusty old 1070 and everything works again.

Seems I got myself a dead RTX. Funny, I read how Founder Edition RTX 2080Tis are dying in large numbers, so my nonFounder nonTi decided to join in on the fun I guess.

Now I just hope the RMA will be a painless process, or I get my money back.

I am not all that bothered since I am playing RDR2 now anyway and 1070 is still perfectly fine piece of hardware. I am glad I didn’t sell it though.


What brand / model did you have?


PALIT VGA GeForce RTX 2080 GamingPro OC 8 GB


My advice? Never Not EVGA.



What problems have you guys had with EVGA? I have nothing but good experiences with them.


Never NOT EVGA. :)

My last 5 video cards have been EVGA and the only problem I ever had they replaced the card (four years old at this point) with a newer version of said card. Those guys are rockstars.


Ooooooh, totally misread that on my phone! :) Fully agree with the sentiment, they have been great.

I’ve only had one issue with EVGA and I thought it was the video card. Worked with EVGA tech support over the phone… on a Sunday. During the friggin’ Super Bowl. And it was an American to boot (when dealing with complex technical problems, it’s just helpful when both parties can easily communicate with each other).

Anyway, after helping me try a few things, he determined that the problem was most likely with the newish GTX 1080 I had. They shipped me a new one right away, which I received two days later but… unfortunately the problem persisted. Talked to another guy who had me take a look at the power coming from some of the rails on the power supply and identified that as the likely culprit. Shipped out a new PSU which solved the problem. None of that cost me a dime.

Won’t buy anything else but EVGA unless I don’t have a choice for the foreseeable future.


EVGA is just better with warranties. MSI took months and then eventually gave me a check, which was great, but it took MONTHS. Although at least MSI warranties are still transferable like EVGA.


I’ve been using a EVGA power supply for a couple of years, and bought another one for my new (waiting on the CPU) build.


I became a forever EVGA fan when a tiny, tiny motherboard fan on my last PC went bad, started making this horrible clicking noise, threatened to overheat the motherboard.

They not only were able to find this tiny, itty-bitty, weirdly-shaped fan, they shipped it to me for free in like, two days.