So Beck Says You Want A Revolution, Well, You Know

Apparently, WE ARE IN A REVOLUTION! And not that tea party one, oh no. Apparently the Communist Muslims are taking over.

Or maybe it’s just the Communists!

Beck here continues his pattern of what I can only conclude is an intentional fucking up of history. Soviet-era Czechoslovakia wasn’t caused by a communist revolution provoked by some Sorosian weirdo controversy, it was a puppet regime installed by Soviet occupying troops in the wake of World War 2. But Beck relies on his viewers having no knowledge of history whatsoever.


We know this because advertisers aren’t supporting the Glenn Beck show, a sure sign of any global uprising. Along with Glenn Beck’s supervillain adversary…

Yes. Someone possibly more paranoid and unhinged than Alex Jones has the support of Fox News, an hour of television time every day, millions of viewers. For some reason, Soros isn’t the revolutionary I’m worried about. But Beck says I’m just nuts.

I know we have freedom of speech in this country. I believe in it. But at what point does this delusionary and treasonous ranting become too much even for Fox News?

When it stops making them advertising dollars.

The people who believe this nutjob genuinely frighten me.

Kind of makes me miss ol’ Wally George.

It’s not treasonous. Wrong, stupid, and deserving of derision, sure. But in the end, he’s performing a public service by giving the crazified 27% a reliable safety valve of masturbational ranting.

He is always just one inch from the legal definition - “Well, I’m not saying you should start stockpiling arms to fire at FDA agents when they come to inspect your food. I’m not saying that!” - but in the commonsense definition, he crossed that line long ago.

I can’t figure out what the end stage is for this guy. The Pope eventually ordered Father Coughlin to shut up.

Going after the libertarian Cass Sunstein is hilarious, though.

There needs to be an end? As long as he keeps people tuned in and reading his books (aloud, to themselves), why stop?

Interesting question. The first or second time I saw him on CNN, I knew that the next stage was Fox News. End stage, though? I got nothin’.

I think it’s clear that Beck is actually longing for the kind of violent conflict verging on civil war that he is describing. It has such a powerful grip on his imagination because this is his fantasy; being a general in a genuine shooting war with the “communists” over the future of the United States. So I think the end point, for him, will be when he manages to actually get this thing going for real.

This is so depressing. My aunt and Mom are very close and after my aunt’s husband passed away about eight years ago, she needed something to fill the void and that something was Fox news. It doesn’t help that she lives in a tiny town in Upstate NY and is quite isolated. She calls my mom about 5-10 times per day and the only thing they talk about is quick family news and politics. Neither of them were even interested in politics ten years ago and now they are recepticles/mouth pieces for this bullshit and it drives me nuts. The only tactic that seems to work is agreeing with them in such a way that they know I think they are out of their minds.

For example, “Not only should those bastards not be able to build near ground zero, they shouldn’t be able to ever build another mosque in this beautiful land of ours.”


Beck claimed this week there are a lot of Muslim terrorists.

That’s, as I said, a whole lot of terrorists: at Beck’s grudgingly agreeing to 1%, that would be 16 million terrorists.

At 10%, 157 million.

We’re going to need a bigger boat.

To be fair, it’s not like Beck was ever hired by Microsoft, where they actually look for the ability to do estimates; the vast bulk of the population would give equally terrible estimates. Still, funny.

You’re not seriously trying to say that the only people who don’t believe that millions of Muslims are terrorists are… software developers?

It’s a joke!

The first thing that came to mind is that software places - at least until very recently at Microsoft - have a real fetish for the “estimate the number of fire hydrants there are in New York City” type of out-of-your-ass estimation questions. People are unbelievably bad at this specific type of question for some reason until they know the trick - pick ballpark numbers are multiply them together.

He probably thinks the Muslim population in the US is like, 10,000 or something, rather than 1 to 7 million.

In Beck’s defense, he probably actually thinks that 100% of muslims are, by definition, terrorists. The 1% vs 10% is just to appease the liberal media.

Did someone say bottom riot? Count me in!