So did Einstein proove Newton wrong?

I’ve been watching shows on space, gravity and such and think I’m about to wrap my head around spacetime and gravity but did Einstein proove Newton wrong or is Newton right but only in small closed spaces?

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Einsteinian physics is a more accurate representation of the way the universe works. Newtonian physics is less accurate but much easier to calculate and on a human scale involving stuff humans do the differences are negligable.

Einstein didn’t invalidate anything Newton was saying, he just explained it on a completely different scale.

And of course neither of them invalidated the all-powerful nature of God.

This directly speaks to your question:

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If Newton had claimed to have the complete description of gravity and the nature of space and time, then yes, Einstein proved him wrong. That is pretty clear.

But though I haven’t read the Principia, I doubt Newton made so strong a claim. The gravity equation he derived was consistent with all known theory (much of which he had to derive himself, but he also used many results from Galileo and others) and consistent with all known observations, which, along with maximum simplicity, is all you can ask of a theory at any point in the history of science.

So assuming Newton avoided any bombastic claims of absolute completeness of his theory, then Einstein merely showed that Newton’s equations were incomplete descriptions of the universe, which is far from proving him wrong. For that matter, I think Lorentz and Fitzgerald had already shown that before Einstein , since the contraction effect was nothing Newton could have anticipated, but Einstein came up with the theory to rectify it all, based, I suppose, on the initial insight that c is an absolute speed limit.

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Incomplete is definitely a better word to use than wrong. Newton was basically correct on the macro scale, but couldn’t account for everything. He was right “enough” to have derived useful numbers for the time.

Yes. I believe a lot of space-travel calculations are still done using only Newtonian physics, so they are pretty damned accurate. Einstein revised Newton’s model. But to say he “proved him wrong” is, IMO, unfair to one of the most astounding intellectual achievements in human history.