So does anyone here still support Nintendo?

I am wondering, given the way things are on multiple issues, does anyone here still support Nintendo? I don’t mean support in terms of Nintendo being the Bastard Golden Child Raping my Nostalgia or the duly elected Innovators of Gaming. I mean their products and development. Is there anyone here who believes that Nintendo has a good vision for gaming and the leadership and third party support to implement that vision, who believes that gaming is on the right track with Nintendo, and who believes that if Nintendo is able to enact its agenda, gaming will be better off?

If so, I’d like to hear some explanation of what you believe and why you believe it. Keep in mind, just saying “Teh Eveel Fanboys SuQ” isn’t a real answer. Some 35-ish% of gamers still support Nintendo. If you are one of those, why?

And please, for the anti-Nintendo crowd, don’t use this thread as a way to cheap-shot the Nintendo supporters. I would honestly like to see if anyone can articulate a meaningful, substantive basis for supporting Nintendo at this juncture, given all that is going on.

And lastly, lets not have the ass-hatted debate about how full of Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony/fucked-up fanboyism the Games forum is – I honestly want to know if anyone still substantively supports Nintendo, and why.

And no, I won’t do a poll.

What’s up, gents? :D

I love Nintendo…because I grew up with them and because of the DS my daughter plays on now and because they promise I can play all the old games on the Revolution which is probably the only console I’ll be buying day 1.

Doesn’t the assertion that this forum is full of fucked-up fanboyism almost immediately containimate the thread?

I wasn’t crazy about the cube, but I always feel that I give each console a fair shake before buying a Playstation.

I’ll buy the Revolution instead of the PS3, now that I have a 360. I think the controller will be innovative, have some interesting games, and it will be maybe $100 less, if not half the price.

Qualify that. I’ll wait and see what the games are like before I buy, but if it has a swordfighting game where I can actually swing and block, it’s a day one purchase from me.

I also think the DS sounds cool, but I haven’t bought one, due to not wanting to play games every minute of the day. It’s good to have downtime doing other things.

I stopped bad-mouthing Nintendo when the Micro sold well and the DS crushed. And don’t even mention Nintendogs. The stupider the idea sounds to me the better it does.

I don’t know about the future of gaming, but I’ve stopped betting against the future of Nintendo.

I fully support their handhelds, yes. I haven’t bought a DS either because I am still playing great GBA games. And I don’t actually USE handhelds much. But I think Nintendo is doing good in that direction. But you probably mean their main consoles. There I am pretty disappointed. The Gamecube had some nice games, including Pikmin and Monkey Ball, but overall it feels very unsupported, even by Nintendo. Now the Revolution is on the way, those of us who have Gamecubes are pretty much ignored.

Will the Revolution work? I honestly don’t know. I applaud them for trying to change the controllers though. I think it’s about time, actually. If it works, I will be very happy. It’s basically just a mouse, right? Except it’s 3D and you wave it through the air (like you just don’t care).

Rar, lets start some controversy on a forum where almost everyone owns multiple platforms. Most people here support Nintendo, most also support PC, X-box and Sony systems.

I own systems from all the manufacturers, they all have their good and bad points and games I want to play.

How about you MetK? Do you have any opinion or skin in the game or are you just out start flame wars (again)? Not that I’ll know if you respond because this forum has a block poster option ;). If you write anything worth reading someone will quote it and I’ll be able to see it in their post.

I think gaming is a better world with Nintendo in it. It’s actually sort of a relief that they use such different language for talking about games than the others. Nothing about graphics, HD, whatever, the focus has really been on what it feels like to play, and that’s refreshing.

That said, it makes me sad sometimes when I think the Revolution may be their last non-handheld console.

But the two games I’m spending the most hours on these days are Oblivion…and Animal Crossing Wild World. So I guess I count as a supporter.

I don’t really understand what it’d mean to “support” Nintendo. I’m not sending them checks at their quarterly fund drive, if that’s what you’re asking. I don’t wear a Nintendo baseball cap and riot every time they win^H^H^Hrelease a game, either.

I think that they’re making games that I want to play, and showing every sign of continuing to do so in the future. My current three games are Oblivion (PC), CoD2 (PC), and Chibi Robo (GC), so they’ve got a share of my gaming attention.

Their “agenda” appears to be “1. make good games, 2. sell them, 3. profit”. Since we can always use more good games, I guess I’d have to say that gaming will indeed be better off if Nintendo manages to enact its agenda. (Plus, any agenda that doesn’t involve gathering underpants can’t be all bad.)

I fully intend to buy a Revolution on launch day, assuming they aren’t sold out. I suppose that’s a kind of support. Am I a fanboy now? Is there a secret handshake or something?

I heart Nintendo and also intend to buy a Rev on Day 1.

I have no real feelings towards Nintendo, one way or the other, but after trying both a PSP and a DS hands-on for a week, I will be purchasing a DS Lite when its available.

Nintendo consoles are always comparably priced, if not cheaper than the competition. Nintendo hardware is always solid and they have great tech support. Nintendo’s first party offerings remain consistently great and rival games from any other developer (within their chosen genres, of course; expanding to new genres should be one of their goals).

So yes, I support Nintendo and want them to succeed. I don’t care if they were forced into their current position by dwindling market share, all I know is that Nintendo’s vision of the future of gaming appeals to me much more than Microsoft’s (gaming as community experience) or Sony’s (???).

… and then he ran out of oxygen and died. Poor Matt, he never knew what a valuable tool Mr. Punctuation can be.

also Met_K is a secret Nintendo hater IM CALLIN U OUT yeah you know it because im just crazy like that because this thread has driven me crazy because matt perkins is a gramma hatin foo beeatch

Let’s see, the Nintendo agenda …

Eliminate boredom - yes

admit there is a problem and fix the proliferation of technology over gameplay and - yes

expand the controller paradigm to entice ordinary people to become gamers - yes

Cut prices - yes

Mindlessly focus on graphics and performance over gameplay - NO

Let other console manufacturers lock them into a paradigm where they create multiplatform games and then shit all over you - NO

Is Chibi Robo any good?

It’s not that I hate it so much as it hates me. I swear. Hate the grammar not the um, writer.

Nintendo make fun games. Even the ones definitely meant for kids can be
entertaining to old fogeys. The DS I bought a few weeks ago is my first
Nintendo product, though. Never been a fanboi or hater.

Oblivion, or defend a murder suspect? I’m torn!

This place is NOT representative of what the average gamer thinks. Average console fanboi, yes maybe. Point is the gaming polls keep showing that console fanbois are only half the story.

I’m dubious over the phrase “support Nintendo”, but so long as they keep making fun games I’ll keep buying them. Why not?

This might be the worst thread in the history of the internet. Support Nintendo? What does that even mean? Where did you get your 35% of gamers support Nintendo statistic?
Did someone poll gamers asking which company they’d vote for if it ran for office?