So does anyone here still support Nintendo?

I do believe that the above constitutes QT3’s first ever “plonk” post.

Met_K is today’s winner.

I thought “plonk” was bad wine, and that blocking a user was something you had to load into Firefox as an extension and isn’t part of the board in any shape or form that I can see immediately here on the page.

Also, the new forum is lame and won’t take vB codes it even offers up as being available-- case in point, try to use [font=-2]see?[/font]

And leaked Solid Snake’s secret identity.


On one hand, it’s just a platformer. As such, it’s nothing special; you’ll find games with better controls, better graphics, and so forth. On the other hand, it’s got a great setting (inch-high robot navigating a human-sized house).

The game’s geography is fairly small. There are only seven rooms, all of which you can access fairly early on. Physical progression though the game involves advancing through each room–figuring out how to get to the high shelves and so on. Often this requires acquiring new items; every time you get a new ability, you immediately think of two or three places that you’ll be able to use it to pass an obstacle.

Gameplay is mostly puzzle-oriented rather than twitch-oriented. You can’t jump and you almost never need fast reflexes. Once you figure out what you need to do, doing it is rarely challenging. This isn’t an absolute rule–there are a couple places where precision movement is important.

The time system may annoy some people. You have a fixed amount of time in each day (configurable to 5, 10, or 15 minutes). At the end of the day, you automatically return to your “Chibi House” base station. If you’re working on a puzzle somewhere, this means that you’ll have to run back and restart it every 15 minutes. This generally doesn’t take long (and you get items to speed up travel), but it can be frustrating if a day ends just before you finish a tricky section.

There are a lot of minigames. None of them are particularly special, but they’re all reasonably well-done and they don’t drag on.

So, if you like quirky puzzle platformers in which you play a tiny robot trying to keep a family together in the face of a small daughter who thinks that she is a frog and an unemployed father who blows the rent budget on action figures and robots…well, this is currently the best choice in that genre. :>

I got my DS Lite today. I’m gonna name it “Martha”. She’s so purrty in her navy blue dressings. Now that I’ve recharged her batteries, I think I will take her along with me on a stroll.

How about supporting our troops, does anyone here do that?


I like Nintendo’s vision for games for Nintendo games. I don’t think it’s something that should change the direction of the whole of gaming. In fact, the majority of Nintendo games move in the complete opposite of what I envision gaming should be. I’m one of those “games as art” guys, where Nintendo is more of a “games as toys” company. While my preference leans very strongly in one direction, I do feel that it’s important that both directions are pursued.

I still enjoy Nintendo games quite a lot, and I fully support their direction they’re heading in. I probably got more overall enjoyment out of my GameCube than any other platform in the passing console generation (Zelda, Pikmin, Mario Sunshine, Paper Mario, etc), but my single favorite games were played on the PS2 and XBox (Shadow of the Colossus and Psychonauts). I don’t believe that Nintendo will ever retake the console industry, nor should they, but I believe that their direction is still an important one for the industry as a whole.

I’ve been a nintendo fan since I first played SMB back in 1988, as a first party developer, they are the best. Third party though is where they are horrible. I can’t remember the last mulit console game I bought for the gamecube, but they still make the best handhelds out there. If eb is right I should be getting brain age tomorrow.

They’re great at making games that no one else would think of. I don’t remember hearing about a game similar to chibi robo, or pikmin, or even odema on the xbox or ps2. The scary part is that I’m more excited about playing the classic games on the revolution then I’m about the new games on it.

Hey wait, guys, I think the original post is satire!

Chick gave it five stars in the latest CGM. He’s told me personally via e-mail that I should play it. It must be damn good.

You all know where I stand and Met_K’s return rox.

Nintendo makes great games. They also make great hardware that rarely fails and is very durable for my kids (and me). They’re trying to give us something to play that’s not the same as the stuff that came before and I applaud that approach.

Better yet, they’re asking third-parties to get on board with them and do the same. That UbiSoft game everyone’s talking about looks great. The team that’s making it proved themselves with GRAW (Ubi France is making Red Steel right?) and I’m pretty excited to see what they do with the Rev controller.

That’s because the Nintendo is innovative, which means you can’t predict what it’ll be. You know you like Castlevania and SMB3, but what are the new games going to be? Nobody knows. With the 360, you pretty much knew before anything was announced that there would be a bunch of racing games, sports games and shooters, only in full hi-def with Live play. Nintendo isn’t that predictable. Could anyone have predicted Animal Crossing, Nintendogs or Phoenix Wright?

Load the user’s profile, look over on the right, there’s an “add user to ignore list” link.

Plonking is the most useful technology ever invented. Life on a forum without ignore is like driving without a windshield.

I think this is exactly what they’re trying to do, with varying levels of success. I really hope they succeed with this whole controller thing.

Also, regarding the PS3… the specs on that thing are ridiculous. By all indications, most TV’s people will be playing it on will bring the quality down from the PS3’s normal specs. Which means you’ll be paying $500 for something you aren’t even going to get. So yeah, I’ll go with the less-powerful revolution. Especially since I never buy televisions, I just wait until someone else is getting rid of theirs.

Dammit I just realised that this thread is a play on the does anyone support Bush thread in P&R. Not only will I un plonk you metK I’m adding you to my favorites for starting a new q23 inside joke.

I hate the saccharine-and-pointless Nintendo properties that so many otherwise rational adults adore (I’m talking to all you Animal Crossing evangelists that I STILL BLAME for my spending time and money on that crap).

Rather than viewing Nintendo as the purveyor of All Things Fun like I used to, based on my fond recollections of Ikari Warriors, Tecmo Bowl, Duck Hunt… I now see Nintendo as the system for Stuff That Pisses Me Off because of crap like Nintendogs.

Despite all that bile, I still think the Revolution will be the only next-gen console I’ll consider buying.

This thread might be the funniest ever on Qt3. It’s amazing you guys believe the crap you write. To say this forum isn’t dominated completely by Sony fanbois is absurd. The only way you could counter that is to put examples up like Midnight Son’s claim he’s independent despite insulting Nintendo mentioned in any thread and licking the ass of any Sony game mentioned in any thread.

There may have been a time when “Sony” counters were discussed in threads but that time is long gone. Some have stuck around but 99% of them went elsewhere where there was actual intelligent debate. Here it’s simply name calling. I think when quatoria called CindySue22 a “whore” (is CindySue even female?.. a man-whore?) over her (his) views that pretty much summed up the atmosphere here.

Here’s a typical thread:


Post #1: Ripped editorial from Nintendo blog or newspaper.

Post #2 through #6: Hiroshi Yamauch is more evil than Hitler.

Post #7: Stupid one-liner from Midnight Son

Post #8 through #51: Hiroshi Yamauchi is really more evil than Hitler.

There’s no real intelligent discussion going on here. You either join in on Nintendo are evil to the core talk or leave.

Yeah, threads always get better once everyone decides to get all metaclever

Hahaha, you’re so right. You deserve the “so” for using the word “metaclever.”

I must admit, Met_K’s parody of my original post in the P&R forum had me laughing in my chair. You see, b/c I am in fact an overly stuffy type who really truly wants to be liked even by people who disagree with me and who does in fact speak (and type) in incredibly long and complex sentences, sometimes bordering on incomprehensibility. And Met_K… isn’t :0.

In the context, it was a beautiful riff. Met_K, I salute you!

And welcome back to the forum.