So how geeky are comics and anime?

So I was talking to this woman I’ve been dating recently, and we were talking about seeing a movie, and somehow Spirited Away came up. I said I had heard (on these boards actually) that it was directed by the same guy that did Princess Mononoke, and while I haven’t seen that one I heard that this one is “less dark” which makes it even less interesting for me. And out of nowhere she says that is because it wasn’t written by Neal Gayman (sp?) like Mononoke was, so that explains that. And I said who is Neal Gayman and she says well back in my comic-book-reading days there was this comic called Sandman and they were kind of like Greek gods and had these powers and I was like holy fuck this woman has read comic books and is now unashamedly telling me about them. So I got scared and made an excuse about having to get off the phone and then I did. Now I’m not sure what to do. She is not ugly, doesn’t wear glasses, and is not fat, but obviously has a lot of other issues, as described above (aside from the fact that she is dating me). Do I

(1) Never see, call, or speak to this woman ever again, and if I run into her on the street pretend I do not know her;

(2) Figure that this is a good time to tell her about my Japanese schoolgirl porn fetish;

(3) Give her number to Thierry Nguyen

#2. Mention how much you like the ones with tentacles.

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On a similair note. Chet if your listening. OMM posted a link in one of their always entertaining rant/reviews a year or more ago to an anime, alien bestiality porn site which was, if I recall, entirely in Japanese. It shocked and scared and scarred me. Now I view it as one more thing the net revealed to me that I would have never ever seen if it had not been for the wonderful technologically advanced age we live in. Now it’s simply another sick thing I browsed passed one night while surfing.

So to any Old Man Murray folks out there I want to send out a hearty Thank You for my continuing desensitization to all things utterly freaky. Due in large part to the World Wide Web.

#3 obviously. Scooty needs to get his groove on.

Um, does she know you post to computer gaming message boards? Maybe she is the one who should be embarassed for dating you!

Gaiman. And don’t call it a comic book, it’s a “graphic novel.” :)

— Alan

You don’t deserve this woman. Give me her phone number, and go get yourself some brain-dead, bleach blonde corporate ho.

Really. You like this girl but won’t date her because she reads comic books? What if you find out she also plays computer games?

I’m already involved with someone, so my plans to spread my seed and progeny throughout the contiguous 48 states is well under way. So go ahead and go nuts getting her involved in your little Jappy schoolgirl porn fetish!

Though, it’s always nice to have backup baby machines, so to that end, have her give me a ring at (800)-MANSEED.

He spelled “Cthulhu” and “Dark Phoenix” wrong.

Kurtz commonly has spelling errors in his strips. It is annoying, but not half as annoying as his news posts. I finally had enough and quit reading his strip after his latest whining about his Alienware commissions.

I ignore the rambilng and just read the comics. They’re funny!


You come to expect the spelling errors (how many are on purpose) when the window title includes “me no spell good…”.

And he posted a “mea culpa” on his Alienware rant fairly soon after the rant proper went up (because I never saw the original rant, only the correction).

If there was a mea culpa, I was already gone. I did see his “everything is OK” post, which only went up after Alienware agreed to retroactively pay him the higher percentage he demanded.

Why is it that anon posters insist on posting self portraits?

Calling all admins…

Oh my god … I was looking at the picture and I couldn’t work out what it was then I stepped back from the monitor …


…just when I thought anything was better than gamers talking politics and revisionist history.