So... how many of you drive like this?

The tape is sped up but still… this guy’s is as good as dead one of these days.

Apologies for the Stile Project assorted, um, images, etc. (not really SFW).

— Alan

The link takes you straight to which is definitely NSFW.

It’s almost NSFW even if you happen to work in the porn industry. Jeez-us. Pedophilia and transvestite sex right on Page 1. Nothing like getting down to business, I guess.

Funny, I never see it as being that bad, I just ignore most of it. Maybe I watch too much porn. Anyway, just go to the “Click here to download sars6.wmv!” then Right Click/Save as “Click here to begin downloading…” link.

No it’s not a porn video or anything like that.

— Alan

You don’t see StileProject as being too bad?!? Hell, it’s almost NSFH, let alone NSFW. So yes, you watch too much porn.

Not that that’s a bad thing…

I’ve seen worse.

I’d provide the direct link but I don’t think they allow it (to the video).

— Alan

There’s some funny stuff on Stile Project. I love watching all the brainless teenagers breaking their arms and legs trying to do stupid things on their skateboards thinking their “so cool”. LOL!

Yeah, that’s sped way up, I think, and it isn’t all that bad. That’s how most people in Vegas drive, the ones that aren’t 500 years old and going 40 on the freeway and laying on their brakes for no reason.

I seriously don’t know how you’ve seen worse than stileproject. Turns out Kill Bill Vol. 1 wasn’t that exaggerated in the blood-spurt-from-decapitation department.

You kidding? Driving between cars in lanes is bad enough on a motorcycle, let alone a full-sized car. That guy is a fucking moron. Considering no one passed him, he had to be going at least 80 on the highways.

As for worse sites - sure, rotten is one. Ogrish is another. Then there’s the infamous goatse…

— Alan

I’ve never heard of Ogrish. I don’t suppose you’re the sporting type who will just tell me what I’m missing without sending me there?

Think of it as research, Wholly. Put on your lab coat and get busy.

The subtitle for Ogrish is “Can you handle life?” Quite simply, if you ever heard or saw little snippets of clips of people getting into accidents, shot, killed, broke bones, etc. they probably have an image or video clip somewhere you can get access to.

Use it to reference quite a few humorous videos of people acting and being stupid. There’s also some very nasty stuff on there, and quite a few dumb people.

— Alan

i’d put him over 100. he was really buzzing by people. ya, you pass people when you are going 80, but not blowing past them like he was. crazy motherfucking driver, that’s for sure.

i wonder how many days he taped his commute before he got one he liked. there were quite a few really impressive maneuvers he did.

Looks like he worked at a gas station and/or garage too. Yikes. It was impressive; about 1 minute in perhaps it almost seems he’s gonna lose it but that’s just the speed-up effect I think - you do see him shift his weight around quite a bit.

— Alan

I was going to dismiss it - until he passed between cars and you realize, even sped up, he is seriously zooming by cars. Unless he got 500 of his friends to all drive CHIPS slow, he was passing people at least doing the limit.

If you are on a hunt for the sick - don’t ever watch the goatse movie, the ripping noise will haunt you.


This movie should’ve been called: Typical Miami Driver.

There was a guy I always saw on the Mentor to Cleveland commute who would drive like that in his little red Porsche. The best work commute ever was the day I passed him on the side of the road after he had apparently tried to pass on the inside shoulder and had scraped half his car off along the concrete divider.

maybe its cause i’m using firefox, but when i click that link i just get the stile front page and a bunch of porn spam.

can anyone give me a better idea?

edit: yeah, IE fixed it.