So, how old is qt3?

just curious about the age demographics of our particular community


This thread needs more poll.

I’m polling for you, Bill.

enough poll for ya bull?


Oh noes! Qt3 is developer daycare! (Going by the early numbers :)

Nobody at 71+? Guess Jeff Green hasn’t seen the topic yet.

I just got really old (but not as old as Jeff Green) and nobody posted a picture of a Japanese girl with a gun… :-(

I’m still on the young side of the qt3 age curve, hooray me!

I am over the Qt3 hill.

But still younger than Jeff Green.

Wow, that’s a remarkably normal distribution there.

I think reducing age to a number trivializes the entire concept of human development. There are other problems with the practice, such as:

  1. We don’t know what a given person’s base of reference is, so 37 on one person’s scale might be 39 on another person’s.
  2. Some people just naturally like age more than others, resulting in inevitable bias.
  3. As you are asked about your age again and again, your views on it will change, so the number you give will change. People who aren’t asked about their age often, on the other hand, probably don’t have reason to revise their opinion as much. It’s a totally subjective process.

When asked, “How old are you?” I think people should recite a short speech that goes in-depth into a few facets of their lifespan, rather than just blurting out a number. Hopefully this will get people to pay more attention to the subtle qualities of individuals that can’t be captured in a single number.

  1. Some people age faster than others. Specifically, those living on the equator will age about 2.1583+ sec/yr faster than those living at the north and south poles, due to the relativistic effects of the earth’s rotation.

I am apparently on the geriatric fringe. Make the font bigger, you whippersnappers!

while i agree with your points sidd and hong, i think that looking at age from a numerical/factual “how many years have i existed on earth” is vastly different from the more philosophical ways of looking at “how old am i” and other related thoughts. one is relative and different for each person, the other is not. i had the latter in mind when i created this poll.

very interesting thinking about though. personally, i feel older than my current 23 years might suggest. our different experiences in life really shape our own perception about age.

Actually, I made that 2.1583 bit up. But I can do that, because I’m a statistician.

Hong “quoting a standard error means never having to say you’re sorry” Ooi

well, you had me going. damn you statisticians! :)

You were also fooled by Sidd_Budd. That’s a verbatim list of complaints about game reviews.

Recommendation: Do not seek a career where deception is prevalent or humor is nuanced!

You mean any career then.