So, I am going to London for 15 days

Thanks for all of the suggestions!!

My god, that sounds epic. Now I want to go to London.

Well, I am about to head out to O’hare!

Wish me luck and thanks for the suggestions!

I kinda… er… touched it. Gently. With my fingertip.*

It’s not MY fault the barrier rope was so close. They should have known American tourists were going to be there.

  • This was, like, 20 years ago. Forgive me.

Well, I just got back! Fun times were had by all. Many interesting things happened on the trip (i.e. 25 college students)(22 women 3 men) as well as lots of fun sightseeing.

Do you attend UW-Madison?

No, I am a private school snob at Edgewood.