So I cut the armrest off my nice leather chair

After a few marathon sessions of Gal Civ 2 and Strategic Command 2, I decided I couldn’t handle the angle/interference of the arm rest and the immense amount of pain it was causing in my arm. I didn’t want to give up my chair because it’s the first one I’ve ever had that fits my back and butt perfectly and I can sit here for a looong long time and not get a butt-ache.
So I did the unthinkable…

Needless to say my wife is pissed.

You threw out the rest of the chair?

You could have maybe bought the same chair (or close to it, from the same manufacturer) without the arms? Armless office chairs are teh cheap, you sort of cut off about 50 bucks worth of chair there.

Yeah, but it was the only way he’d free himself enough to get the antidote to the poison coursing through his system.

I thought I might put a locking hinge on it in the future. But yea, if I’d been smart, I would have looked beyond Best Buy, Office Depot/Max, and Staples. I just assumed they’d have the cheapest stuff, and nothing they had compared to how nice this felt on my backside. This is a true seating concepts chair. I don’t think they make any like this without arm-rests. It actually feels really nice without it. I think I might saw the other one off too.

It looks pretty uncomfortable.

Perhaps you can use it to beat a hole in the floor for your laundry chute?

I had to put that project off for a bit :)

After this little stunt, you’ll be lucky if you are ever allowed near the tool box again.

Which gives me an idea of how to avoid household chores…


She shouldn’t have time to be pissed with all the dirty dishes and laundry awaiting her. </oink>

Now this is an epiphany. A great weight of chores is going to be lifted.

No, it won’t, not really. google “The sink is blue and we’re not talking about it” for more exposition on that matter.

That desk is pretty sweet. Mine is pretty small, and I’m about to upgrade to a nicer apartment (thank you, new job!) so I’m looking into buying something like that. Where’d you get it?

Wow, I’ve had it for 8 years now. I’m 99% sure it was from office Depot or Office Max. One word of warning… go modular if you can. I’d never get a huge L desk like this again unless it was modular so I could move the side away If I needed. This thing literally weighs about a ton, so when it’s time to get rid if it, I’ll probably be using a chainsaw.