So I guess 2016 claimed its biggest victim yet - America


I’m not a vegetarian, but don’t eat meat often. When I do t it has to be practically burnt.

Guess I’m a deplorable now. :(


Have you thought about skipping a trip to the grocery store and just chewing on your belt or shoe or something? :)


To me any cut of steak above sirloin is practically indistinguishable in terms of preference. I’ve never had the desire to get the really pricey cuts because of this.


Seems like maybe you just don’t like meat that much? If I were you, I’d probably always order the absolutely cheapest cut of meat available then, since at well done, it doesn’t really matter what it is. To some degree it doesn’t even matter what kind of animal it is at that point.


[Quote]Trump also apparently likes his steaks well done.
He is terrible at literally everything. WTF.[/quote]A man after my own heart. This is the first positive thing I’ve heard about him this whole election cycle. Now I’m one step closer to accepting the reality of him as our commander and chief.

Food snobs are stupid fucks.


Come over here

and say that to @ArmandoPenblade’s face ;)


I’m just about the furthest thing from a food snob you’re gonna find, man ;-)

But @kerzain is absolutely welcome to say it to my face. A qt3 meetup would be fun! :)


I have no intetest in debating the way a person eats. Horrors like cannibalism and mayonaise notwithstanding.


That is probably WHY you are practically a vegetarian. If all the meat I ate was cooked until it was shoe leather, id probably be a vegetarian myself.


I heard some guy here at work mention (and not in jest) that “professional rioters are being paid 1500 bucks a week to riot by Soros” thing and I couldn’t believe anyone would give that wacky theory the time of day. Where do people come up with this stuff?


I don’t know, man, I’m baffled by it too. All I know is that I’m going as George Soros next Halloween, I’m sure it’ll terrify my neighbors and coworkers.


Maybe Soros is paying people to spread disinformation about Soros’s disinformation campaigns regarding his paying protestors to protest! Did you ever think about that?



I’ve been on twitter a whole lot more these days and have noticed a pattern with Trump supporters when it comes to their comments about anything that might question their dear leader. They use the same arguments over and over. Transition team looks to be in disarray? Clearly this is a result of the biased liberal media. Or they point out something about Hillary. Emails. Benghazi. Anything other than actually talking about what was said. At some point, they’re going to end up turning on each other when one or more of them is determined to not have attained the proper height in their goose step. It’s fascinating, if not horrifying, to see.

I mean, the vehemence and anger of their responses is just striking to me. It’s almost like they’re experiencing a really bad case of buyer’s remorse and attacking any contrary opinion. Except that instead of having spent a lot of money on a console or phone, they’ve sold out their country and fellow citizens. I guess I can kind of understand the anger there. Maybe.


Came across this last night but forgot to mention it (I’m feeling a bit self conscious lately about the frequency of my negative posts):


Sigh, someone just tried to convince me of this yesterday, in fact.


Dude, I heard an outrageous rumor that Russia is paying Trump and his children MILLONS to fuck up the American government so badly it will take a decade to recover from!

Oh wait, that’s actually true.


Nope. He’s the one who says “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”


Eh, close enough.

This guy was clearly of the school that believes that “talking about race/ethnicity = racism.” :rolleyes:


Regarding the interference of our election by a foreign state, I feel like we’re just so polarized right now that people don’t care. Team Blue is already upset about Team Red winning, and Team Red gives no fucks because, hey, they won. It doesn’t matter how you win it, it’s just about winning. If it came about because Russia interfered, then they can give Putin a quiet fistbump when no one is looking.