So I guess 2016 claimed its biggest victim yet - America


Oh my god, kill that Garry guy. Seriously, kill him.


Garry pretty much sums up why we are where we are.


Garry sums up the reasoning behind the bleak view of politics I shared the other day.

Fuck Garry.


Scary to think there are actually people like that. I mean, seriously, I neither expect nor want everyone to think the Sam way I do. I LOVE a good debate. But there’s nothing to discuss when we our versions of rapidly ar so different.


I desperately hope you’re right. I have disliked presidents and their policies before but never been anywhere near as worried as I am now.


The Roman Republic was stable with a few hiccups for something like 500 years before JC crossed the Rubicon. Stuff is impossible until it’s not.


This is from the president of the united States.

He is now attacking the judicial branch directly.


The law and order candidate ladies and gentlemen.


The sheer differing realities is why I think the unthinkable is now possible.

The most likely scenario is going to be demographically induced though- I think we’re going to see super-hysteria if Trump goes down in 2020.

I think he will because this wave of activism- I think millenials are now for the first time truly scared- and that’s going to motivate them to vote in future.


I expect there’s an inverse relationship between how often it’s mentioned hyaterically on Twitter and the chance of it being a real threat.


Having one or more states state try to actually secede seems unthinkable (though I could argue a lot of heretofore unthinkable things have been happening lately) though there might be some value in it as a gesture of sorts.

A couple of points to consider:

  1. people are stupid and would vote for it without having a damned clue what the implications were (see brexit)

  2. Trump’s ego seems fragile enough that I could envision him declaring martial law and sending in troops if he felt threatened. Probably far-fetched, but if something like that were to happen, there’s no telling how people might respond.

This whole thing seems like a bad alt-history movie,most there’s a lot of things that don’t make sense to me lately. That fact that we’re even having a conversation about something like this boggles my mind, even if we all agree it sounds absurd.


Those who have compromised what they believe to support Trump are now stuck in a situation where they are vested in the belief that things aren’t going wrong.

They will not be able to consciously recognize the mistake they’ve made, until it is too late to remedy it. All evidence suggesting the reality of the situation will merely be discounted as fake.


No offense or criticism at all to you @Quaro, but am I alone in thinking twitter has become so stupidly pervasive that even forms of communication that are hilariously unsuited to it are being commonly stuffed through the tweet machine anyway?

Take the post above, we could have had a nice clean link to the NYT article, which I had seen before and is well worth reading, and then maybe some highlight quotes in selectable text. Instead I involuntarily focus on a hypnotic number of (admittedly beautiful) orange hats and the face of this Alexandra Erin character and the exact timestamps of when these thoughts were broadcast.

If the coming apocalypse entails never seeing a screenshot image of a paragraph of text, or in particular a screenshot image of text that also features the iphone or android interface and has some text manually highlighted in blue with the stupid selection icons to the left and right, then that will definitely be a silver lining that I will be logging in my notepad made of radioactive tree bark in between diary entries that read like a grimmer version of ‘The Road’.


Hasn’t someone come up with an automatic way to de-Tweetify these “tweetstorms” yet?

We’ve got Google Translate. How hard could it be?


Bury all that that in a spoiler drop-down or something, ffs.


If Timex is right and when things go wrong nearly all Trump voters can’t see reality- then this country is lost, and the only thing you can do if you win the election is take whatever steps you need to in order to deprogram those voters, or render them harmless.

Secession should be on the table in such a scenario, but we won’t know if this scenario is real until 2020. A country cannot survive with two opposing realities.


I suppose the nicest thing that can be said is the reason it sounds absurd is because it is. England got her civil wars out of the way a few hundred years ago and the US is much the same. Both countries with stable borders in no small part due to geography.

People want to take selfies and gossip about how evil Trump is, the last thing they would ever want to do is fight and die over it.

Trump is the type of guy who finds his limits by testing them, that’s all. There will be a few run ins with the judiciary which doesn’t mean much of anything.

Trump is a political outsider within his own party, he has none of the required support from politicians or the military do pull off anything approaching a coup. Furthermore, none of his supporters elected him for that purpose either.

Finally, it’s a reasonable argument to say he never really wanted to be President, so what makes you think he wants to be a despot as well? It’s a stressful lifestyle, just ask Erdogan.

@Alstein, with the reference to deprogramming you may have given your masterful Orwellian trolling away.


Do you believe that there is a point where you will condemn his actions as something other than just “testing limits”?

And why would such limits need to be tested? Aren’t his actions to be judged for what they are, as they imply he actually wants to do those actions?

At this stage, Trump’s administration has taken owellian doublethink to a new level. Blatantly stating contradictory or obviously false things, is not a normal thing, even given the normal trope of dishonest politicians. It has cast aside any pretense of being truthful at all, seemingly assuming that his followers no longer even care if something is real or not.


“He’s just trying to see if the republic will break,” is not any sort of reassurance.


I wonder if bringing back the [url=]Fairness Doctrine[/url} help. I would get a kick out of requiring Fox News to change their name to Fox Entertainment News with a laugh track for every time someone says something stupid.

How about breaking up iHeartMedia (Clear Channel) to neuter their stranglehold on conservative talk radio in America. You can drive from coast to coast and never be out of range of a station broadcasting Limbaugh and his pretenders while you can’t say the same for a progressive talk show host. From where I sit there aren’t many progressive talk show hosts out there on terrestrial radio to begin with. The only one that I listen to on occasion is Thom Hartmann and I can only get his show through streaming. There’s also Randi Rhodes but she’s incredibly awful and Mike Malloy is an ineffectual king of temper tantrums.