So I guess 2016 claimed its biggest victim yet - America


[quote=“Nesrie, post:2070, topic:126885, full:true”]For example, the Women’s March sent out communication to anyone who supports them how to contact their reps and send note cards.

Yup. We hosted a group of folks this weekend to fill out a bunch of cards, share contact info for congress-critters, etc…


I am not though, I pointed out an example of people successfully lobbying their senators about Betsy DeVos. It is happening.

I am just saying that while protesting is good and fun, the real shit needs to get done as well. That should be the focus.

Like, we all have fun being americans and protesting, but in the end, the paperwork (the not fun stuff) needs to get done too.

I have written many letters to Ron Johnson’s office about gun control, the ACA, and the various nominees that I have found to be grossly incompetent. I also point out administration hypocrites on twitter. Do both!


That’s because it’s so far beyond anything we’ve seen in our nation previously. What we are seeing today is not normal.

And really, any attempt to normalize it is exactly the problem, because that normalization represents the exact same kind of rejection of reality that underlies so much modern propaganda.

We KNOW this isn’t normal. We all, through our own personal experience, know that this is true. We all witnessed how things worked prior to this administration. What we see today stands in stark contrast to what was normal previously.


This is filling me with reassurance that everyone is really just overreacting.


Well Betsy DeVos had a larger than normal call. All I’m suggesting is before you worry about others just being loud and not also being focused and talking at the local level, that you follow some of the events past the breaking news moments.

The Women’s March I can speak of specifically to because they reached out not only to organizers and participants but supports with links to their reps, notecard templates ( but not canned letters thankfully), and every ways to have the notecard printed at home or even professionally done.

I think there’s a lot of quite activism happening right now alongside the louder and more obvious approaches. Encourage, sure, but don’t insinuate it’s not already happening because it really is. The Women’s March movement especially doesn’t wan to lose their momentum.

That’s awesome. I’ve known who my reps are for awhile. I contacted them during the Bundy incident too. My biggest trouble now, and why my letter writing is slower than my call is focus. I’m having a hard time pinpointing exactly what is the top issue and what I want.

Every day this man is coming up with some new extreme position.


Well again, I have to say, I definitely was not doing this.

I feel like you are trying to have an argument that I am not trying to make. I think people are both constructively protesting and lobbying congress. But I also think that the sky is falling memeifying is not helping either of those aims. And we need to stop with the “woe is me” act and continue actively fighting the administration.


It’s this line i took issue with. It reads like the assumption is most people don’t know this or are not following through.

This also reads like you’re not giving protesters the benefit of the doubt.

I mean we don’t need to beat this to death, but if you are wanting me to give you the benefit of the doubt, how about giving others the benefit of the doubt too? People who write or pass on memes and protest are very likely following through via official channels too.


I think that in order to call it an overwhelming majority, it would need to overwhelm something. Like say an unfortunate distribution in the EC.


Wait until he finds out about the one he signed that names Bannon King!


Jesus Fucking Christ.


Wouldn’t covering up terrorist attacks be, to put it bluntly, bad for business?


I suspect this is in response to the objections over the travel ban, citing lack of any terrorist attacks made by persons originating from those countries. Well, of course there aren’t any, because the dishonest media is hiding that from you.

See the pattern?

Anyone that disagrees with him is weak, dishonest, and/or fake.


Yeah, I’m sure news outlets make a killing whenever there’s a terrorist attack.


Heh, nice language use, but I’m kinda cynically serious.


Sorry for that, I’m in a weird mood today. :) I was serious as well, though. I’m sure something with the drama and sensationalism of a terrorist attack draws a lot of viewers/clicks.


No worries at all, it’s an…odd thing to talk about.


Weird how that keeps happening lately.


He’s got to have that bogeyman to point at… FUD is the MO.


I think we have just found the source of your discombobulation.


Yeah, if you don’t like what you read in the news, then you might feel better reading another news source with alternative facts.