So I guess 2016 claimed its biggest victim yet - America


Just for the sake of clarity, are you suggesting that the WaPo is a poor source?


RT and Infowars are totally the bestest


Been seeing a TON of references along these lines from the ex-CIA/NSA guys I follow on Twitter.

Also some false flag thing involving Poland (or something, I’m foggy on it) that only crazy people, the Russians and Trump seem to believe.


DeVos confirmed thanks to Pence’s tiebreaker vote.


Your daily reminder that all Republican voters are at fault for where we are now. Cept Maine and Alaska today; y’all alright. Kinda.


Fuck every one of those shitheels who put their party and pocketbooks first.


Fuck them all. I know teachers that voted for Trump. I hope they enjoy the fallout.


It is one of the most respected newspapers in the world and it leans centrist left. Don’t pretend it’s some kind of radical left wing rag, because it isn’t. Neither, by the way, is the New York Times, despite a generation’s worth of demonization from the Fox News types.

However, here are some headlines from the conservative WSJ opinion page.

“Trump, Putin and the Republicans” – The GOP will have to provide a check on the president’s bromance

“Trump gives a boost to Putin’s Propaganda” – The president’s line that the U.S. also has ‘killers’ will be used to justify more Russian murders

“In Trump’s Washington, nothing feels stable”

So even if I were a conservative republican reading one of the most right-leaning national papers in the country, I would still see cause for alarm. Never mind the famous antiTrumpism of diehard conservatives from George Will to David Frum to Bill Kristol.

This is not right/left. This is normal/abnormal.


It’s also bullshit to blame “liberal media” for the “hysteria” over the Trump Administration’s complete lack of ethics, professionalism and decorum when, during the election, staunchly conservative media outlets around the country came out and openly endorsed Clinton over Trump for this exact reason. When even conservative newspapers and sites could see that a Trump Presidency would be a colossal shitshow, it’s pretty stupid to then try and label media reporting on that shitshow as somehow biased and exaggerating the facts.

The facts as they stand now are pretty horrific, they need no exaggeration. We just put a woman who has absolutely no fucking clue about how Education works in charge of Education. This was a no-brainer. The fact that this woman was completely unqualified should have been a bipartisan moment of clarity that reassured the American people that the idiocy could only go so far, instead it was a big rubber stamp for buying your way into a political appointment. Drain the swamp indeed.


It’s so absurdly coincidental that everyone who DeVos donated money to voted for her :-o


Hooray for legalized bribery.

I read somewhere that we ought to have our lawmakers dressed up like NASCAR cars in which their suits are plastered with the names of people and corporations who donated to their campaigns.


Jesse Ventura suggested that.


Lisa Murkowski didn’t vote for her.


Nice catch!


Technically, Murkowski was essentially the deciding vote in a 12-11 decision to let DeVos out of committee, allowing her comrades in the Senate to do what she knew they’d been paid to do. She served her role. Collins actually voted yes, as well. . .

To that end. . .

I rescind my exemption of all Alaskan & Mainer Republicans; you’re pieces of shit who should eat shit and die, too.


The White House has begun to dismantle the rules put in place by President Barack Obama after the financial crisis — rules intended to protect American consumers from Wall Street banks.

To understand how upside down that seems, you have to go back and remember who won and who lost during the downturn — and who, despite that, now regulates the banks that caused that crisis.

It begins in 2008. Donald J. Trump is hosting the first season of “Celebrity Apprentice.” And the president of Goldman Sachs, one of the banks responsible for the housing market crash, is a man named Gary D. Cohn.

Does that name sound familiar? He’s back in the news these days. And given his history, the role he is playing in the Trump administration may surprise you.


It might not have been surprising if the Times had done more coverage before the election on Trump’s stance on regulation and less on EMAILS!


Marco Rubio has an excuse, but John Thune? I guess a dollar goes farther in SD, but still, that’s a pretty cheap date.


Here is an AP article about the turnaround from 2012 Obama to 2016 Trump voters.

It is all about the Economy and the percieved lack of growth.

In 2012, Holt voted for Barack Obama because he promised her change, but
she feels that change hasn’t reached her here. So last year she chose a
presidential candidate unlike any she’d ever seen, the billionaire
businessman who promised to help people like her win again.

He knows bizness so he get economy more better.

In this place that astonished America when it helped hand Trump the
White House, many of those who chose him greeted the frenetic opening
acts of his presidency with a shrug. Immigration is not their top
concern, and so they watched with some trepidation as Trump signed
orders to build a wall on the Mexican border and bar immigrants from
seven Muslim countries, sowing chaos around the world.

I don’t care about brown people.

One dairy farmer is typical. He thinks Trump is a jerk — “somebody needs
to get some Gorilla Glue and glue his lips shut,” he said — but has
watched his profits plummet and was willing to take the risk.

I don’t care how stupid our country looks if I can make more money without doing anything different.

Berns watched Trump’s first days in
office half-hopeful, half-frightened. He bemoaned what he described as
Trump’s quantity-over-quality, “sign, sign, sign” approach to governing.
“I just hope we get the
jobs back and the economy on its feet, so everybody can get a decent job
and make a decent living, and have that chance at the American dream
that’s gone away over the past eight or 10 years. I’m still optimistic,”
he said, sighing. “I hope I’m not wrong.”

Huh… this isn’t exactly all about jobs huh… but he will get to it right?

Kramer, who voted twice for Obama, used to watch Trump on “Celebrity Apprentice.”“I
said to myself, ‘Ugh, I can’t stand him.’ ” When he announced his
candidacy, she thought it was a joke. “Then my husband said to me, ‘Just
think, everything he touches seems to turn to money.’ ”And she changed her mind.

Oooh! A celebrity!

Coleman doesn’t love Trump’s moves to build a wall or ban certain
immigrants — all Americans descended from immigrants, he said, including
his own relatives, who emigrated from Germany too many generations ago
to count. But he’s frustrated that other politicians stopped listening
to working people like him.

I don’t want to actually do anything to make my life better, why am I getting left behind?

Robbo Coleman leaned over
the bar he tends and described a similar political about-face. He held
up an ink pen, wrapped in plastic stamped “Made in China.”“I don’t see why we can’t make pens in Prairie du Chien or in Louisville, Kentucky, or in Alabama or wherever,” Coleman said.

I guess pen-magnate then? That is our future? Screw free trade! Made in America!

Farmer Bernard “Tinker” Moravits is also willing to wait and see.Change
is what he looked to Obama for and now expects from Trump. The price of
milk and agricultural goods has plummeted, and it’s getting harder to
keep things running at his farm in Bloomington, in Grant County. He
wants the president to reduce red tape and renegotiate trade deals to
benefit American farmers.

Oh, trade deals I guess.

Moravits, who employs Hispanic workers who have been with him 15 years,
isn’t impressed with Trump’s move to build “his stupid wall.” But unlike
many transfixed by Trump’s presidency, Moravits doesn’t stay
up-to-the-minute on the news.

So. the 2016 election can be summed up in, We chose the billionaire reality TV guy, because he will fix the economy that is only broken for the middle class.

I sure hope appointing Investment bankers to his cabinet, and pulling back Dodd-Frank regulations will help the little guy. (It won’t)

And, if he doesn’t get it done, I doubt he will get votes.


Kramer, who voted twice for Obama, used to watch Trump on “Celebrity Apprentice.”“I
said to myself, ‘Ugh, I can’t stand him.’ ” When he announced his
candidacy, she thought it was a joke. “Then my husband said to me, ‘Just
think, everything he touches seems to turn to money.’ ”And she changed her mind.

Awww, how cute. That money is going into his and his friends’ pockets, not yours. When he said “Make America Great Again”, he left out the crucial three words…“For Rich People”.