So I guess 2016 claimed its biggest victim yet - America


That’s a great image. It looks like the people of New Mexico (New Mexicans?) are totally ready to get on board as Trump’s Brownshirts while everyone in Arizona wants to move to Canada (I thought most were Canadians already?)

Also, the South’s questions are a pretty good exemplar of why we’re in the mess we are. What is NATO? What is a pussy hat? How to build a wall. Who IS Frederick Douglas?
For fuck sakes, people.


We just know we’re safe in our magic pajamas. Well, not me, I’m just hoping for herd immunity.


It’s not real.

Or rather, even if the data were correct, it’s not showing what you all think it’s showing (and what the misleading titling from these asshats is leading you to think). That map is e.g. saying that the query “what is nato?” was more popular in Oklahoma than in any of the other states. Which might or might not be true, but is totally irrelevant, so who cares?

It’s not saying that the query is any more popular there (or anywhere else) than it was say a year ago, or that Oklahoma is the place where that search has grown the most in popularity. It’s also not saying that the query is particularly popular in that state; it could be that it’s an extremely rare search in all states, just a little bit less rare in Oklahoma. It certainly isn’t saying “this is the number one most popular query in this state”, as their titling might make things appear.

So these phrases do not represent the American zeitgeist in any way. They are just phrases that the makers of this fine clickbait extracted straight out of their ass. Any search term, no matter how stupid, would be assigned to some state using their methodology.


You know folks in alabama don’t know who Frederick Douglass is though.


Jesus man. It’s just for fun.


bro i thought this was the nazi punching state


@barstein Your map reminded me of this tweet I saw today.


Suddenly Florida makes more sense.


Sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking trying to correct the misconception people appeared to have regarding that map. Please pretend that I instead wrote: “Boy, Trump voters sure are stupid”.


Maryland: Sprained Hand; Washington DC: Facial Injury
Write your own Nazi-punching joke.


Most of the teachers I know voted for these people. I feel pretty bad for the ones who didn’t, but not so much for the ones who did. I’m sure they’ll justify it somehow and then go right back to bitching about how shitty it is to be a teacher without batting an eye.


This should probably go into a new thread on Unions, but I’m all for getting rid of Unions.

Yes, Unions made so much of what we have today possible - eliminated child workers, gave us insurance, weekends, 40 hour work-weeks, the list is pretty long via dailykos. I will never begrudge their historical prominence.

I get that, I really do. But the unfettering grip they have on so many segments of society has got to come to an end.


Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater.


Just because the Teacher’s union looks out of control in some areas doesn’t mean all unions have lost their way. The fact remains, even today, that a hundred or a thousand voices are harder to silence than one. There are lots of industries that could use a little union pressure to stop treating their workers so poorly and firing those who speak up about it.


California and Arizona’s leading cause of injury being “Motor Vehicle Accident” is the least surprising thing I’ve seen in a month.


That is why I love working remotely from home. Crazy snowbirds!



Are all bad for jobs - they restrict anyone else from doing this type of work in the state unless you are part of their union. It doesn’t matter if you can show you are a good electrician or forklift driver, they have made it into state law that you can’t do these professions unless you are in the union.

In Portland, the dockworkers and their spat with the electrical union caused slow-downs and eventual collapse of all shipping into Portland. The ship lines believe it’s better to just ship them into Seattle & truck them down.

This is only a few I’ve had personal experience with.

Then you have the entire public unions - not just teachers. I fail to see why government employees need unions since the government is responsible for the laws. If there was one group who would not need unions because their bosses know the law, it should be government. I’ve never understood why any of these are needed.

You say that there are good unions out there today. I’d like to hear some stories of how in the recent past (say since the year 2000) where they made a significant difference.


I mean, of course he was:


I still find weird that a glorified webmaster of a radical group his allowed to enter the rooms of the white house. In a sane world, a person like this would only be know by his crazy followers, and one NSA agents assigned to update his criminal profile.


My father was a teacher, and a union member, and I can tell you from personal experience that management will be more than happy to fuck people over if they think they can get away with it, or if it will make there lives easier. In my father’s case, it was a student accusations that put my father in the cross hairs. Luckily, my father had the support of the union, and showed it was a false claim because of students poor grades. Not that the parents or administrators cared without the rules and protection from the union.

The union also helps keep wages up, something few business would do voluntary. At my current job I wouldnt union representation considering how much unpaid overtime we all do during tax season. I feel like businesses have for decades been eroding the very idea of the 40 hour work week in favor of unpaid overtime, and other assaults on the employees.

Anyway, the European Union model has been shown to much more effective, so there is a third way. I just feel that with Trump in charge, and unions being broken, we are getting real close to a 1980s sci Fi movie, with corporate overlords. Although we might get mad Max or Terminator instead. That’s the nice thing about Trump, any 1980s sci Fi movie could end up being true.