So I guess 2016 claimed its biggest victim yet - America


The panel would also have accepted, “From Russia with Love.”


Plus, evidently, Collins thinks that Congress is made up entirely of men.



If he ever finds out I hope he shares the information with us Americans, because we’re as confused as he is.


Actually… that might be our best chance in some ways. American Intel wont pull an op on the President. Now various European Intel Agencies? They have no such qualms about it.


Anything the make police forces less militar and more civil is good. In that sense, a police union is a good thing. (oh, this comment is superoutdated, nobody talking about this anymore)


In the high school video, Miller displays a precocious ability to go against the current and provoke controversy.

The video contains fragments of a brief 90 second speech by Miller during his junior year at Santa Monica High School in California in the spring of 2002, including a controversial reference to the job of janitors.

It was made for an audio-visual production class by four of Miller’s school mates. At the time of the speech, Miller was running for a student government post and was such a polemic figure he was chosen as the protagonist for the video.

“Hi, I’m Stephen Miller, some of you may or may not know who I am,” Miller says, smiling. “We’re not talking about that right now. I’m the only candidate up here who stands out. I would say and I would do things that no one else in their right mind would say or do. Am I the only one who is sick and tired of being told to pick up our trash when we have plenty of janitors who are paid to do it for us?”
Miller was cut off almost immediately. In the stands, some offended students got up from their seats and were set to take the stage to face Miller, according to Natalie Flores, who was in the audience. In the video, the president of the student assembly, Coleen Yamamura-Clark, is seen jostling with Miller to get him to leave the podium. Counselor Don Hedrick and student vice president Justin Siplin escorted him off stage.

The Samohi student newspaper reported that, according to the organizers, the reason for silencing Miller was that he had exceeded his allotted 90 seconds. But other speakers had gone over their time without being cut off, according to students who also made speeches the same day. The newspaper reported that speeches had been pre-approved by Hedrick. But students who recalled that day told Univision they would have been surprised if Miller’s outburst had received a green light and suspect he may have improvised.

Justin Brownstone, the student president at that time, said he had heard that remark about the janitors before. “He enjoyed saying things that were perceived as racist. The more he offended, the happier he was,” Brownstone recalled.


Fucking excellent. 4chan in the White House. Nice work, America.




We all miss the good old days when our rivers caught on fire.


“Small businesses are drowning in regulation.” Yeah because it’s small business that’s laying waste to the planet. Fuckers. Republicans are so naked and brazen in their lies I cannot parse how anyone can take them seriously let alone vote for them.

I hope the Senate at least balks at this, that or it’s filibustered. However even if the EPA is not terminated their funding will be gutted (by 2/3s in the budget bill, which cannot be filibustered); essentially the next four years will be without any environmental protections with litigation the only means of slowing the onslaught about to be unleashed.


Can’t get too worked up at a House bill being tabled. Remember that the House voted to repeal Obamacare dozens of times in the last Congress without anything happening. Reps propose stupid/awful shit all the time. If there were demonstrable support for this in the Senate, then I’d be more worried. Besides, Trump can neuter the EPA perfectly well even if it’s not terminated completely.


I now want the Russians to win.


Sorry, thread title, but the biggest victim yet is still rich white people:

BTW, this isn’t an isolated cartooning point. Here’s fellow shithead Mike Lester with an even more confusing version from a few years back, after Rush Limbaugh failed to buy the St Louis Rams:


Looks like that’s based on this:

So it’s even MORE offensive than it first looks.

And this post is just an FYI for those of us who are too young to remember this apparently iconic civil rights painting being aped by fucking idiots.


I lack the superlatives to properly describe the negative attributes, from intellectual dishonesty to genuinely evil ethos, which inhabit the slowly rotting yet somehow preserved flesh forms of Glenn McCoy and Mike Lester.


I don’t understand the Rush Limbaugh version at all. I mean, I get the stupid idea that he’s the one being aggrieved by his opponents, but why is one of the guardians wearing a “LIB MEDIA” armband? Those figures surrounding Ruby Bridges (and logically Rush in the cartoon) are supposed to be the U.S. Deputy Marshals that protected her. So, is the liberal media protecting Rush in that cartoon? Wha?


I think you’ve likely put more thought into this than they did.


They saw armbands and assumed Nazis probably.


Wow. Those are some seriously confused cartoonists. The Devos one almost makes sense if you ignore the fact that there is absolutely no parallel at all between an ignorant billionaire and a disadvantaged child. The Rush one totally misses any connection at all.