So I guess 2016 claimed its biggest victim yet - America


The thing is… if you’re willing to support the Anti-Christ, you aren’t one of the people getting Raptured.

Enjoy your literal Hell on Earth. If you try hard enough you might get into Heaven, but none of these people are on that list or will be. They’ll gladly serve the Beast. They all think they can bullshit God with some sort of legalize or something. They’ll talk their way out of it and get into Paradise.

I’ve long said a variation on the old saying:
“The best trick the Devil actually pulled is that you can bullshit God and win.”


Well, if the end times do come, I hope there’s enough time before it all goes down for me to repent, take the Shahada, etc. I want to make sure I got all my bases covered.


It’s been a while but I’m pretty sure that the Anti-Christ’s followers don’t know or believe that he is the Anti-Christ. That sounds just like Trump supporters.


“The reason she does that is because her job is contingent upon her being a serial congenital liar in defense of Donald Trump’s latest outrages,” Wilson said on CNN. “I mean, she probably has some tiny, shriveled husk left in her soul where she realizes this is the wrong thing to do. But she does it anyway because otherwise they’ll replace her.”


Doubt it.


This millennialist stuff is so tiresome. ‘When will the world end?’ has been asked and answered by stellar spectography, chemistry, etc. It’s better understood than what the weather will be next week.

Oh well. I’m assuming these folks aren’t going to be persuaded by a Carl Sagan video, or anything. I’ll post it anyway! Because I love Carl Sagan. Have I mentioned that I love Carl Sagan?


Jesus isn’t gonna let them in when he finds out they voted for a pedophile.


I saw him say that on CNN yesterday and only one of the 4 guys on screen winced at the “horseshit” reference. Nobody even brought up him saying it while I was watching.



I think there’s a link between these sorts of things and small militaries.


Jesus won’t let them in cause he knows they aren’t his followers. And I’ll be laughing my butt off when they are all teary-eyed about not being part of the rapture (granted, that means I’m not as well, but…).

I’ll laugh even harder when it is only the Jews that get taken. Think Rowan Atkinson did a skit about Hell similar to this once.


They’ll just turn on Jesus, calling him a fake news RINO whilst they cozy up with that smooth talking feller telling them what they want to hear as they make their descent.


Wasn’t finding a thread where this fit nicely, so I’ll just leave it here.
Drive defensively out there, you never know when the truck driver next to you hasn’t slept in days!


It isn’t so much the one next to you, but the truck 100 yards behind you who doesn’t notice traffic stopping. The scariest part about it is that there really is no way to drive defensively against that.


A recent example, in keeping with the end-times theme:

The crash involved two fuel trucks and several other vehicles that caught fire when they collided.


The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a truck is a good guy with a truck.


I’m chilled by this concept too. It would look so clear and obvious in retrospect:

Sometimes I imagine this era going catastrophically wrong — a nuclear exchange with North Korea, perhaps, or a genuine crisis in American democracy — and historians writing about it in the future. They will go back and read Trump’s tweets and his words and read what we were saying, and they will wonder what the hell was wrong with us. You knew, they’ll say. You knew everything you needed to know to stop this. And what will we say in response?




Seriously, with the current crowd in charge prepping for the second massive reduction in federal revenues in as many decades, with all that entails in terms of the lack of public investments in the human and material infrastructure of the nation, I just don’t see things getting better.


You weren’t here. You don’t fucking understand what it was like.

Oh and, how are you even alive?