So I guess 2016 claimed its biggest victim yet - America


Republican voters are fucking retarded and despite my earnest protestations otherwise, for some reason we continued to let them vote. Sorry future-bro.


Well, if he’s anything like us ‘future bros’ to the Germans of the '30s, maybe he’ll be able to enjoy lots of great games based on the cataclysmic war to come.


A small consolation…

Of course, by the time that happens the future bros’ own cataclysm will be getting close.


If only they hadn’t started fucking the robots. . .


Well, if they look anything like Sean Young and Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner, can you blame them? ;-) Those should be out in a year or two, according to the lore.



Yeah, no.


Surprised The Hill could get away with referring to the President and his cabinet members that way.


Can’t resist the low-hanging fruit (from None’s link):

Some of the requests were more mundane in nature, including a redecoration of national security adviser H.R. McMaster’s office and a new toilet seat for the Oval Office bathroom. That last request was directed to be completed “after hours please.”


The culmination of all the bad news from the various political threads here has me terrified that, one year after his election, we are trending dangerously close to a decent into actual Fascism. I wish I had the energy to elucidate all of the signs but I don’t. The disregard for the public good and the will of the people shown by the tax bill, the Roy Moore fiasco, and the support for an obviously unfit criminal at the highest level is a big part of it, as is the incessant and somewhat successful attacks on the free press, the flagrant disregard for the truth and the effective destruction of key federal agencies through neglect and sabotage from within. The Overton Window has shifted far enough to include literal nazis, the president actively targets minorities on a regular basis and we have all become numb to the daily parade of outrages. Within six months or a year the Republicans can make their move overtly.


The economy overall is booming …

… But not in the states that got Trump elected.

Gee, it’s almost as if a slogan and a hat aren’t enough to overcome a long-term decline in rust belt jobs.


Thanks, Obama!


I hate seeing people on here react as though the world is coming to an end and that their children have no hope of living in a decent world.

Like nobody in any generation has ever felt the same way. I don’t mean it to be snarky but in the last 80 years there have been decades of shit worse than this. The depression, WW2 and the fear of the bomb during the Cold War.

We are still here.


The politics don’t bug me so much, but I have to say that I worry a lot about the climate repercussions. That’s not only from a parent perspective, but from the perspective of somebody with a public health degree who has spent time working with vulnerable populations in places that are going to be hit hard with drought, famine, etc… if their bread baskets decline.


In all of those scenarios the enemy wasn’t the government itself.

They might have fucked up or not done something correctly, but for the most part, they were on the side of the People.
Once you cross that line it’s all over. And we can see that line from here. It hasn’t been crossed yet, but if Trump declared that he was suspending elections I bet you couldn’t get enough votes to impeach him, and that sort of possibility shouldn’t even be a blip on the radar.

We’re approaching Civil War levels of tribalism and it’s sure as hell not going to improve any time soon.


What ShivaX said. As much as the Republicans like to scream about “class warfare,” this bill is precisely and nakedly that, but in favor of the wealthy. So I might get a 500/year income tax cut out of it (for a while, mind). But in exchange I get to see the country as a whole go that much farther down the road to third-world status, because these assholes believe in their trickle down religion so much that they think the second great hollowing out of the federal government’s revenues in as many decades is just fine (in the face of all the crying needs this country has that only the federal government has the resources to tackle).

I truly believe that the Adelsons and Mercers and Kochs of this country want all the socio-economic and political progress that the bulk of the American population enjoyed in the 20th Century reversed to the point where 90% of the population lives in utter week-to-week and month-to-month economic insecurity, as was the case for our urban populations around 1900. Precisely the conditions which led some members of the tiny middle class of the time to realize that if things didn’t change and fast, it was their heads that would be lopped off when things exploded (if I may mix my metaphors), because they were more visible to the urban poor and couldn’t live in gated estates with private security like the Vanderbilts and the DuPonts. This gave birth to the Progressive Movement and more radical movements on the Left (which, thankfully, we avoided).

Whether such a self-correction might happen again, who knows, because it would have to happen on an international scale, and there are way too many ways it could go a Bolshevik/Maoist/Fascist direction.


They had a better analogy in the 1800’s for current GOP economic dogma:


That’s perfect and I’m stealing it.


Hyperbole much. Don’t forget this guy so far hasn’t even been able to get rid of the dreaded and evil Obamacare. I think even the GOP knows that if you impeached Trump you would still end up with total control of the government with Pence as president.


I had never heard that one before and it is worth stealing.