So I guess 2016 claimed its biggest victim yet - America


I agree that things have been very bad before. Civil War, WWII, Cold War. Humans got through it.*

*The world ‘got through’ WWII but it caused immense, incalculable suffering. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have avoided that?
*Cold War constituted the first existential threat to human civilization since the Bubonic Plague. It was a bad one. And of course, the threat is still there, albeit simmering a little.

What’s disconcerting about Trumpia is not merely that it is a crisis but that it is a crisis to the essence of our body politic. It’s an internal, not external threat, and arguably the worst such we have seen since the 1860s. I think this adds a certain sense of urgency. And I think we are becoming alive to the fragility of our vaunted system, how much depends on ‘norms’ and on political actors observing some level of good faith. We have seen other democracies and republics fail, from Rome on up. We are not immune.

Personally, it makes me proud that so many millions of Americans get their backs up and shout ‘hell no!’ at the first stirrings of someone who might even be thinking about contemplating becoming an authoritarian. It almost makes me proud enough to overcome my shame and disgust at the abomination the electorate inflicted upon the country last November. Almost, not quite.


You’ll get there, Gordon! We’ll do it together.



This stuff just ticks me off. I guess any of us could be labelled as an “enemy combatant” and detained indefinitely without counsel. And by detained, what they are saying is the guy’s in jail. They might as well stick the Constitution in a paper shredder.


People with a lot of political inside knowledge say that nothing. literally nothing will lead to impeachment.

They cite the 25th Amendment as our only hope, because impeachment, simply, will never happen. Like no matter what it wont happen. The possibility that we wont have a fair election is a very real one because winning matters more than the republic.

Thankfully, so far the system has endured, but what happens when someone dismantles the system and no one stops them? Because no one will stop them and the only way to stop them is via the system they can dismantle.

Is it hyperbole? Yes, but only barely. It’s a very real possibility that hasn’t existed since the Civil War, if ever.

The only thing that will destroy America is America.


Well I guess we’re lucky the police didn’t show up trying to shoot a 6 year old with Down’s Syndrome… but that substitute has lost her mind and should not be around children.


Wow, no kidding.


THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION is considering a set of proposals developed by Blackwater founder Erik Prince and a retired CIA officer — with assistance from Oliver North, a key figure in the Iran-Contra scandal — to provide CIA Director Mike Pompeo and the White House with a global, private spy network that would circumvent official U.S. intelligence agencies, according to several current and former U.S. intelligence officials and others familiar with the proposals. The sources say the plans have been pitched to the White House as a means of countering “deep state” enemies in the intelligence community seeking to undermine Trump’s presidency.

The creation of such a program raises the possibility that the effort would be used to create an intelligence apparatus to justify the Trump administration’s political agenda.

“Pompeo can’t trust the CIA bureaucracy, so we need to create this thing that reports just directly to him,” said a former senior U.S. intelligence official with firsthand knowledge of the proposals, in describing White House discussions. “It is a direct-action arm, totally off the books,” this person said, meaning the intelligence collected would not be shared with the rest of the CIA or the larger intelligence community. “The whole point is this is supposed to report to the president and Pompeo directly.”

This is just nonsense crazy talk, right?


Trump’s Mirror.


If it isn’t, there goes the country.


Unfortunately it probably isn’t. What’s next? Domestic death squads?


Look who’s back from the dead. Of course Ollie North is mixed up in this. FTA:

Oliver North, who appears frequently on Trump’s favorite TV network, Fox News, was enlisted to help sell the effort to the administration. He was the “ideological leader” brought in to lend credibility, said the former senior intelligence official.


As with many arrangements in the world of CIA contracting and clandestine operations, details of who is in charge of various proposals are murky by design and change depending on which players are speaking. An Amyntor official said [Erik] Prince was not “formally linked to any contract proposal by Amyntor.” In an email, Prince rejected the suggestion that he was involved with the proposals. When asked if he has knowledge of this project, Prince replied: “I was/am not part of any of those alleged efforts.”

Ron Howard Voice: He was.


Using a mythical deep state to justify making a secret police force is… Just great.


But things are totally fine.


Is it even legal? Who pays for it? Wouldn’t Congress at least have to approve funding such proposals? Other than a propaganda arm, world evidence it collects even be admissible in the judicial branch?


Things gathered through covert actions aren’t normally used for legal proceedings.

The funding would most likely show up as an ambiguous item, and wouldn’t be specific at all about any of the activities taking place. This will be a very bad thing if they allow it to happen. The PMC shit was bad enough.

Just think a black op funded group, with zero oversight, and answering only to Pompeo and Trump, carrying out whatever dirty deeds they want done.


“In an illegal move, the president just reduced the size of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monuments. This is the largest elimination of protected land in American history,” the site reads.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to support groups that advocate for the protection of legal lands.

“Climbers, hikers, hunters and anglers all agree that public lands are a critical part of our national heritage and these lands belong not just to us, but to future generations,” the site reads.

The outdoor retailer had threatened to sue Trump over his executive order mandating that the Interior Department review national monuments established during during Bill Clinton’s, George W. Bush’s and Barack Obama’s presidencies.


Trump literally wants to make the black helicopters reality and the people who feared that the most will support him.


They will support anything. If he created a new police force literally called “The Gestapo,” the very next day on Fox & Friends they’d be talking about how efficient German law enforcement used to be.


How long until we have a right to bear arms but it’s illegal to hunt in the woods if you’re not a nobleman?