So I guess 2016 claimed its biggest victim yet - America


Well, since soon all forests will be private property and you’d be trespassing… not long?

If you want to hunt you should buy your own forest, it’s not their fault you’re too lazy to do it.



It’s almost like the guy who put a Jackson portrait in his office doesn’t actually respect Native Americans.


The spies will be like Mission Impossible, I suppose. We will disavow all knowledge of them if they are caught.

My take is this organization will feed garbage information to Trump to stroke his ego and bill the government for hundreds of millions of dollars.

What’s scary is Trump will believe anything they tell him because they are his guys. He can’t trust the CIA or the FBI because they tell him things he doesn’t want to hear, such as his people being complicit with the Russians. Trump is so easy to manipulate. Just feed his ego and he will wag his tail.


Having seen the premier season of The Punisher on Netflix, I know how this ends and can’t say I’d complain.


I asked a couple of my social media “friends” who were very vocal about the NFL players kneeling being “extremely disrespectful to veterans and their sacrifice” what they thought about the Trump comments during the presentation to the Navajo Code Talkers. I asked if they would agree that Trump was very disrespectful to the veterans right there in the White House, as he essentially made a racist remark to them while supposedly honoring them for their service.

Their response, “It’s not the same thing at all.”

They are right of course, it isn’t the same thing at all. Trump actually used a racial slur to disrespect veterans from a segment of the population that has a higher rate of military service than any other, and he did it directly to their face while standing in the White House. NFL players aren’t actually disrespecting or hurting anyone with their silent protest. The problem is, Conservatives will never see it that way, ever. How do we coexist in this country with people who think like that?


Yes, there is a very big difference, a visually obvious difference.


DJT is orange, hence it’s okay?


Funny thing about that was I didn’t see anyone I served with, or known to have served complain on social media about it. Everyone complaining never felt the need to actually serve the country themselves.


Is this corroborated anywhere? Because it’s terrifying if true… but I’ll save my alarm for when I see it on news sources I’m more familiar with.


That was the only mention I’ve seen of this story by any outlet which is why I remain hopefully skeptical.


Thanks, @None. It’s pretty goddamned sad that it’s something I actually have to contemplate as having some truth behind it, rather than a plot for a bad movie.


Blockquote[quote=“vyshka, post:6259, topic:126885”]
Funny thing about that was I didn’t see anyone I served with, or known to have served complain on social media about it. Everyone complaining never felt the need to actually serve the country themselves.

Exactly my experience. It has been surreal reading and listening to all the people worried about me being offended by a political protest.


Wait, are you saying American soldiers aren’t snowflakes??


They’re out there, I know at least one personally. Some few are just plain racist, but most of the Vets who come down on that side of the argument (“they should protest on their own time, not at work!”) are just like all their non-military counterparts who have been assimilated by the Fox News Collective, they’ve lost the ability to think or speak in anything but idiotic right wing talking points.


Great long piece about Pence, highly recommended.


Here’s another Pence article, why not. Hope this doesn’t turn up on Fox News, the President might get mad!


The Slate article is simply summarizing the profile in the Atlantic.

If I had to guess, I’d say that the GOP leadership is putting this out as a trial balloon, to see if they can replace Trump with Pence and salvage their prospects in 2018/2020.


Better a pedophile, than a godless, child-killing Democrat, God hates Democrats.


But Jesus loved the Democrats back in the 1950’s, when the Democrats hated black people.

It’s so complex.