So I guess 2016 claimed its biggest victim yet - America


CNN seems to have picked up on this story now which includes this quote:

National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton told CNN that “the White House does not and would not support such a proposal” and that, “I can find no evidence that this ever came to the attention of anyone at the NSC or (White House) at all.”

But otherwise just cites the Intercept’s article.


Wednesday is very unhappy about being compared to that.


Someone needs to Photoshop that one gymnast’s “not impressed” expression onto Wednesday’s face.


Which is exactly a cynical part of their calculations. It will be much easier (darn near mandatory) to find some way to extend middle-class tax cuts in 10 years than if they expired the cuts for corporations / the wealthy. They know full well that this actually just blows up the deficit even after 10 years, but they don’t care.


But they can’t, because that will cost money, which will push it over the $1.5T limit required by reconciliation.

All of this is largely due the fact that the GOP refuses to actually even TRY to compromise with the Democrats. There are tons of tax reform plans that they could easily get 60 votes on. They could almost certainly even include things like cutting the corporate tax rate, which is itself not a bad idea. They could get broad tax cuts for most Americans.

What they won’t get support for, is shit like removing the AMT, or the estate tax. But those are the things that their donors really want… also, the GOP is grossly incompetent when it comes to governance.

The current folks in Congress have, literally, never had to actually govern. They have no experience putting together legislative coalitions. They literally do not know how to do it. McConnel based his entire existence upon riling up his base by demonizing the democrats, to get folks in power. Now he’s got power… but he doesn’t know how to govern. Same goes with the house.

This is why the GOP controls the entirety of government, and stiill can’t do ANYTHING. They are straight up imbeciles.


They could and should, but I’m real tired of their bullshit about the corporate tax rate being the worst in the world without ever discussing what the effective tax rate is. How many companies actually pay that rate? They act like companies are going under left and right due to tax obligations, and not sitting on immense piles of cash.


But of course- it’s all of a piece with the Club for Growth “starve the Beast” agenda to cripple the federal government and lead us to the Blade Runner corporate-run future (minus the Rutger Hauer and Sean Young bots).


Wait. Why don’t we get the Sean Young bots?


Without Sean Young bots, I want no part in this so called ‘future’


Hey guys, I don’t make the rules. I think if we were gonna get hot replicants we would have gotten them by now. After all, Blade Runner is set in 2019. :-)



Ugh, nooo.
That doesn’t look the least bit like Sean Young ca. 1982.


So we are just jumping straight to the transgender robots, eh?


I am laughing and you should feel terrible about that.





This is fine.


Did anyone watch this? During her presentation of the award to Kaepernick, Beyoncé mentioned how racism was so ingrained in American society that when folks speak out against it, it is seen as an attack on the country. Way to reinforce that point, Tomi, you stupid fucking idiot.


Man, she’s one disgusting person.


Lol. Going after Beyonce…what’s next, hating on apple pie and Christmas?