So I guess 2016 claimed its biggest victim yet - America


Lol. Going after Beyonce…what’s next, hating on apple pie and Christmas?


I was never convinced that Kaepernick was going to be a great QB, but I am impressed with someone who will give up millions due to a social conscience. Way to go, Colin.


Well, I will say that when the whole thing first started, I thought it was a publicity stunt. Clearly I was wrong. Whether he intended it or not, he really started something.


Haley’s timing is…interesting.


Comedic genius Mike Huckabee made a funny:

Guess who fell for it?


Clarke may even be dumber than Donny Jr, which is almost impossible to believe.


John Lewis is one of those civil rights leaders who made “incredible sacrifices”, you idiot!


Jesus Christ.
John Lewis is actually in a bunch of images hung in the museum.


I realize Huckabee was trying to be funny. But I’m trying to figure out is Janice Rhee actually part of Mueller’s task force? The right wing media seems to say she is.


An August 8 WaPo article lists Jeannie (not Janice) Rhee as a member.

The documents show that several lawyers on the team, particularly those who came from the private sector, left behind substantial salaries to work on the Russia case. James L. Quarles III, who left WilmerHale with Mueller, drew more than $5.8 million from his partnership there. Jeannie Rhee, another partner, drew more than $2 million, and Aaron Zebley, who was Mueller’s chief of staff at the FBI and also worked with him at WilmerHale, drew more than $1.4 million. Those and Mueller’s $3.4 million were listed as income from 2016 and 2017.


If you google Jeannie Rhee, the top hits are all Fox, Breitbart, etc stories. Presumably about how she is part of the Deep State.


Worse, she’s apparently got two X chromosomes.


Aaah! A mutant!


I wonder what happened to these folks to make them like this? To make them so proud of this.


She sure is keeping her eyes on his hands tho


Someone took their jerbs?


In response to a court order issued during the first hearing in the case on November 30, the government informed the court that the FBI agents questioning the American “for law enforcement purposes” advised him of his Miranda rights and that he has asked for a lawyer.

The government still has not identified the citizen, who is being held as an “enemy combatant” for allegedly fighting on behalf of ISIS in Syria. The ACLU filed a habeas corpus petition on the man’s behalf on October 5, demanding that the Trump administration justify its detention of the American without charges or access to a court, and the organization also asked to be put in secure contact with him to offer legal assistance.

“The government cannot evade judicial review of the detention of an American citizen,” said ACLU attorney Jonathan Hafetz, who will argue in court Monday. “The courts have an essential role to play to ensure that the Trump administration obeys the Constitution, especially in cases like this one where an American’s most fundamental rights are at stake.”

The government’s latest brief is here:


Hmm, maybe Nike will sue them and find out.



“No public benefit” to the regulation. WTF.