So I had my first QT3 dream last night

Though mine was not about anyone here specific, or freaky, or sexual. It did not involve a van, or a burlap sack, an ass, photographing people dressed in costumes, or Guitar Hero. Probably because I’ve never met anyone from here in person.

I dreamt that there was some secret code I had to find, or some hidden reference that was important. I read the last page of some thread and it referenced it earlier in the thread. So I’m clicking the little page numbers at the bottom but for some reason the thread is really active and it keeps refreshing, so each page I click is off by one or two, and I just get vague hints of it.

Kinda lame, I know, but it’s my first dream that had QT3 in it. I think this might be related to this puzzle my wife and I are putting together that is a a famous front page of the NYT (each piece has parts of words on it …).

I think this web game is for you.

I had the pear dream again

Was I there?

yes… all is lost