So I have a little project...weight room decoration!

I recently bought a weight bench and set and made a workout room. I set up a TV, a radio, the bench, etc. Basically I took a spare room and just made it a lifting (mostly) room. I do have a yoga mat for some stretching but mostly this room is about lifting weights. But this thread is not about lifting weights.

I’m looking for decorations, posters, and other things to make this place feel like a cool exercise room. Maybe some motivation. If you were to build a room for this purpose, how would you decorate it? Right now I’m inspired by . . . of all things Assassin’s Creed 2, and thinking about getting some classical painting prints/posters for the walls with say, Samson destroying the pillars, or Hercules fighting a lion, or things like that. But who knows, maybe I’ll Brucie it up and get bikini models and fast cars.

If you were decorating the walls of a weight room, which poster and prints would you pick? Links appreciated. Or print/titles I can Google. For instance, here is one I was looking at.

Obviously, this And any of these.

Warning! Second link is NSFW!

More kitchy than Sissypus, but I remember the sand-in-face Atlas ads in comic books.

Is that Ben Stiller?

Yeap, its from the movie Dodgeball. Great movie and great reference by Bahimiron.

Putting a couple Brucie quotes up would be a kick-ass first step.

In order to really answer your question, though, I think we have to know what motivates you. Chicks? Plenty of posters for that. Hugeness? Maybe some World’s Strongest Man pictures or something. Seriously, get some pictures of things you think are badass…and get that TV out of there.

Stay Alpha.

Why get the TV out of there? I grow bored exercising indoors, statically, I think I need something to distract me. Why are TVs bad?

Motivation? Increased muscle mass and definition. So yeah, chicks, and hugeness, and energy level, and accomplishment, and more free time, and all those things. Mostly I just want to experiment for a while and see where it goes.

don’t forget that whippet that’s totally on steroid!!!

Mirrors, yo.

^^ This. It’s all you need in the weight room. Well that and mats so that you don’t ruin your floor.

Why do you need mirrors? Don’t tell me for form. I’d be laughing my ass off trying to watch myself lift weights.

I have to say though, seeing the perspective of a weight bar in front of the ceiling in my own house is kind of interesting.

Then I won’t tell you.

Yes. The only reason I didn’t suggest them as “decoration” was because I count them as part of your equipment. It’s not like you’ll be staring at yourself lustily. You want to make sure you’re not injuring yourself or favoring one side.

Oh you’ve got to get a huge poster of that awesome buff Jesus picture. The one where he’s breaking the cross. Surely Fathead makes one of those.


Do mirrors duder, you would totally laugh yourself to perfect 6-pack in a few months. :D

Also, you need some old WWF and Bruce Lee posters in there.

This is the gayest thread ever.