So, I want to get into Panzercorps

God help me. I have been eyeing this game with a lot of interest for some time. Looks like there’s hundreds of dollars worth of DLC. Any pros out there that can verify that this is worth it? Anyone have any codes, or a line where this could be got for cheaper? The base 20.00 is a little stiff right now for me even.

This Panzer Corps, correct?


For me, what I played felt more like a puzzle than a wargame. Maybe if I played Panzer General now I’d feel the same way, I don’t know. I’ll let someone else chime in.

The Bundle on Steam, Panzer Corps Gold, I think, includes all of the DLC/Campaign packs for a little less than $80. I haven’t played in a while, but got a very Panzer-General-ish vibe from it.


I always thought the Panzer General and Fantasy General games were more puzzle than anything else.

What kind of WW2 game do you prefer?

If you want a fuller World War 2 experience instead of little scenarios I’d suggest Strategic Command: World War 2 in Europe over Panzer Corps. Though you do need the patience for non-instantaneous turns as there’s a lot of units.

But if you want units with much more detail and smaller maps then PanzerCorp is for you.

You definitely don’t need the DLC. There is plenty of game with just the base game and you can pick up the extra campaigns if you really enjoy the game and want more. Maybe by then you’ll want to move on to something else.

If you liked SSI’s Panzer General you will probably like Panzer Corps. I would consider it a light war game not to be confused with games by Gary Grigsby, for example.

A better option IMO is Order of Battle which is an evolution of the PanzerCorps model. The base game is free! which comes with several scenarios. Expansion packs are only $15.

I am a big fan of Panzer General 2 (the first TBS (pseudo)wargame I bought) and I love Panzer Corps and Order of Battle both. I know there are haters out there (names rhyme with Bom and Truce) but the nostalgia kick I get makes them worth my while. The suggestion from @SamS that you download the free Order of Battle is the best one I’ve seen in this thread.

Also, I went back and tried to play Pacific General recently. Sheesh…I hope whoever invented that context-related snap-away menu system is currently draining septic tanks or scraping gum off of school desks for a living. The music was hella cool though.

I too like Sam S’s recommendation :)

Played Panzercorps, and really enjoy it. Already conquered Poland and Norway. I will give Order of Battle a try though. you can’t complain about the price!