So is Bethesda releasing another generic shooter

Apparently their new title is going to be called Rogue Warrior and it’s going to be the usual squad based shooter set in North Korea.

Can anyone spell ZZzzzzzzzzz.

Aren’t there plenty of other games already called “Rogue this-or-that”?

“Rogue Warrior - because A.I. is hard.”

I’d pick it up just on the strength of having Kim Jong Il as the end boss.

I wonder if this was going to be their big announcement they were supposed to make tomorrow?

They didn’t make up the name, it is from a book. So it’s a license. I’m not sure if that makes it better or worse.

I hope their beard rendering tech is up to snuff.

Why would I want to search in his beard?

Learn that he is really a Rouge Warrior? ;)

you might find some food.

FWIW, the Rogue Warrior books are pretty good–at least the ones he co-wrote with Weisman.

Or wildlife…


… and if it’s taking place in North Korea, food is more valuable than GOLD

I bet the books are just full of whining for a warlock nerf.

Actually this:

sound like a really good idea.

Kind of like what SoF 2 was going for with their random map generator, but minus the suck as everything will have been playtested for flow, detection, etc.