So is Prometheus worth seeing?

Yeah, at least only the last third of Sunshine is mind-crushingly stupid.

Listen. Here’s what you need to know.

1)The character who is in control of the machines that creates a map gets lost.
2)He gets lost despite being in constant aural, video, and sensor contact with everyone else.
3)When he reports that he is lost and has found some disturbing stuff to the captain, the captain ignores him and leaves his station.

I guess I could replace all those with:

1)The expedition cost a trillion dollars, and presumably everyone is the best in their field. They all act like clowns.

GOD, Prometheus is the worst.

I definitely understand complaints about the last third of Sunshine. But it is leagues, miles, galaxies beyond anything in Prometheus.

Jesus also sets fire to a bus everytime someone watches Prometheus.

Horrible plotting. Sorry, it is not the fault of the viewer if a film is poorly executed.

It’s just depressing how bad Prometheus is. I actually feel bad for comparing it to TDKR, the more I think about it. Not to be taken externally or internally.

Well, seeing as how I hate buses. . .

The movie is beautiful and the score is great. Some of the creature effects, special effects, set pieces, and gore are also great. There’s a point where the female lead looks a lot like Sigourney Weaver in her heyday.

Significant parts of the plot are confusing. I don’t know for a fact (as everyone on the forum here does) if they’re actually stupid or just unfortunately and overly left open-ended to allow for the inevitable sequel, but I was definitely scratching my head at various points just trying to figure out people’s motivations and where certain things were even trying to go.

The only thing that truly offended me on first-watch was the gung-ho “groovytime let’s skydive instead of learn yeaaaaaaaaa” coolbro of an archaeologist dating the female lead.

I personally feel it is worth seeing. I think I get what they were trying to do. I thought that with the third Alien movie too and this film and story are far superior. It totally nails humanity’s Schadenfreude.
The way science is portrayed is awful. But, the only film I have thought has even bothered to try to get science right was the first Andromeda Strain.
The Alien franchise is riddled with a schizophrenia of what it wants to be. This film is no exception.

This is the post that I am most in alignment with in the thread so far (23 posts, something like that). It was worth seeing for the visuals and some of the performances by the actors were outstanding. The plotting and writing were dissatisfying. I didn’t feel like I wasted my money so much as I felt the movie was potential lost (ooooo, yet another dig at Damon Lindelof, or Lindelost as I like to call him). So, this was the best advice - it depends on what you appreciate in a movie, and if that’s enough to carry the parts that you may not be as impressed with.

Well looks we like we now have a sequel on the way that probably won’t have Lindelhof associated with it so… might as well go watch it.

— Alan

Imagine a SyFy original, with awesome visuals, and you have Prometheus. You make the call on worth it or not.

If you’re looking for Ridley Scott to show them how it’s done as far as Alien movies go, don’t watch this movie, it’ll make you sad.

There are quite literally hundreds of movies you haven’t seen that would be more rewarding than watching Prometheus. Maybe even thousands.


My issue with the movie is that someone listed 5, yes, just 5 very minor things they could have done to make this a direct prequel to the original Alien. But Ridley Scott claims he thought this would make the movie too similar and predictable to the other Alien movies, so they changed certain things to make it it’s own series.

The problem, as noted by those 5 minor things they could change, is that the movie IS very similar to the other Alien films and is VERY predictable. I was so utterly disappointed with this movie that I hope he doesn’t get funding to do Blade Runner 2, because I fear he will skrew with the original by doing so (he’s trying to get Harrison Ford to do a Deckard cameo, I’d rather NOT know what happens to him and racheal).


ps. Spoiler link of those 5 things.

No, it’s a terrible movie with no interesting characters. It has a single good idea, but fails to capitalize on it entirely. It is, however, aggressively R-rated and produced in the way blockbusters are produced, so if you want to see a weird blockbuster, it’s better than some other blockbusters - like Transformers. It’s a slight bit better than any of the Transformers movies. It’s the kind of movie an inverted Hitler would make.

Also this movie reminded me of that weird burst of violent and cynical stoner comedies starring Seth Rogen.

Why do they ruin everything?

Can’t Scott, Cameron, Lucas et al. just retire or something?

Regular Jesus or Space Jesus?

I didn’t know there was such a thing as “Space Jesus” , so I goggledit, and looked at the pictures, and went into fits of laugther- dear lord that is funny!

I was actually referring to this theory about Prometheus, which does indeed postulate that Jesus was one of the Engineers.

Finally saw this and I have to admit, I kind of liked it. I was originally drawn to the trailers because I thought it might be a movie of ideas, then everyone started talking about how dumb the movie is so I figured it was just another horror flick in sci-fi trappings. But it’s really a movie that can’t quite figure out what it wants to be, a movie of ideas or a movie about people being creatively murdered by weird gooey squid? I think I share everyone’s opinions about the characters, there really aren’t any. Pretty much everyone wears a red shirt except the big names, and even most of them don’t get a lot of fleshing out. But I like the idea of mankind as fledgling travelers looking for answers to their origins and finding an uncaring, even hostile universe that kind of wishes they’d just stayed home. I guess this movie is kind of like Jaws, except all of us were created by great white sharks a long time ago. Then the sharks had second thoughts about the whole thing and decided to eat us all. OK, I suck at analogies but I think I’d like to see that movie. I’d call it Chariots of the Sharks.

Whatever it is you’re doing with your life, it’s time to change careers into script writing. I need to see this movie.