So, is the 3DS a dead platform?

The problem is, you can’t really play games on the TV and have a touchscreen in your hand. The Wii U could do it because the touchscreen and the TV screen show two different things. The only way I see it working is with an accessory that turns the Switch sideways so you can use the bottom as a touchscreen, a la the Flip Grip.

Holy crap, that’s a brilliant idea (especially since I have a FlipGrip). From your mouth to Nintendo’s ears!

I’ve been playing Pocket Card Jockey. I’m not sure if the Apple version is as good with just a single screen, but either way I think if you have a 3DS, this is a game you should own. It’s got a great sense of humor and is just a lot of fun to play!

Capcom is having a nice (last) sale on 3DS games.

Monster Hunter and Phoenix Wright games at at a super low $2.99!

(Also, Monster Hunter Generations for Switch at $11.99)

I was going to complain about all those Phoenix Wright games that I already bought that are now $2.99, but I paid $4.99 so I guess that’s not bad!

Also, if you have either of the Professor Layton games (Miracle Mask or Azran Legacy), make sure to start a new game before the eShop closes! Once you get far enough to save the game, quit and go back to the main menu. Then you can go to the Extras menu and download all the free DLC puzzles! They originally unlocked one per day for a year, but now you can go in and get all 365 DLC puzzle immediately!

Is there any real way to buy things if you didn’t have an active account? I booted up my 3DS for the first time in a decade, made an eshop account, and found out they stopped letting people add funds to their accounts sometime last year. I gave up at that point, but maybe someone knows something I don’t.

I think mine works because I had a Nintendo Network ID for my 3ds that I then linked with my Nintendo account. I realise I might as well be speaking another language, but if you don’t have a Nintendo Network ID, then I’m not sure how.

So you’ll need that, plus a Nintendo account. From the Nintendo account, you can link to a Nintendo Network ID.

According to this you can still buy 3ds stuff through the web store, and you can add funds there. But even that will go away on March 27th.

Ah, I missed the step to link the old 3DS Nintendo ID account to my modern Nintendo account from the Switch era. I think that should get me in the door!

I hope so!

I did a quick test when I saw your post and I was able to add funds to my account via the Nintendo account and then see them in the 3DS eshop after. The funds are mutually shared between the 3DS and the Switch.

I tested on my son’s 3DS and confirmed that yes, you can add funds to your Nintendo Network ID, as long as you’ve merged it with your Nintendo account on the 3DS. You don’t actually need a Switch to add funds.

And just a reminder that we’re about a week away from the 3DS store closing for good. There are a bunch of sales on 3DS games right now, including Capcom’s 90% off sale. So if you want to get all the 3DS Ace Attorney games for $2.99 instead of $29.99, now is the time!

Yeah, I can confirm that I was able to buy them via my regular Nintendo account and have them downloaded on my 3DS. Apparently there’s also DLC for the Phoenix Wright games, which I still need to grab.

Oh could you link that DLC please?

I believe you have to get the DLC via the 3DS itself, either in the eshop or the game itself. It’s even more hassle than getting things set up to buy the games in the first place.

Ugh, thank you.

Yep, both Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice have DLC. I believe you need to start the game, get to the first save point, and then you can bring up the DLC menu. Each game has a special episode for 5.99, plus a separate costume bundle. Spirit of Justice also has two new “asinine attorney” missions for 3.99 each.

One more odd detail about the 3DS eShop closure: The game Fragrant Story was the very last 3DS game released, getting physical and eShop versions in 2022. It was panned at the time for only having three levels, but it’s getting DLC…AFTER the eShop closes!

Apparently there’s a free 1.2 update coming out which adds about 40x more content, and the game’s creator says it will come out after the eShop closes but will still be downloadable. I’m kind of curious about how this works, but I’m not sure if I’ll bother picking it up.

Well for $2 I too am curious about this.

I’m going to see if I can grab pocket jockey. And maybe some ace Attorney games.

Pocket Jockey is on the iPhone too, maybe just on Apple Arcade? But yeah, it’s the game I would recommend the most on the 3DS.