So, is the 3DS a dead platform?

For years, scientists have been wondering if it’s possible to learn the same lesson twice… I swear I understood how to do it the other week! :EmbarrassedLaughEmoji:

I’ve been transferring money all weekend, so let me know if you need any help!

I think I’m finally done buying 3DS and Wii U games. We’ll see if I regret something on Monday!

Last-minute tip: Make sure you download any game updates before Monday!

Press A to pay respects.


:( :(


Thanks for the memories, 3DS.

(And the memories to come; I still have a ton of unplayed digital and physical games I’ve collected over the years! I’ll be 3DSing for many more years. And then I can get to the Vita collection!).

I’ve still got a bunch of unplayed 3DS games too, now that I think of it. Didn’t play the Prof Layton/Phoenix Wright crossover or the 3D Zelda remakes. Still a few digital games to sort through too, the Pushmo and Pullmo puzzle games were really fun.

I put luna on my 3ds and just use the hshop now. I don’t really think it’s morally dubius anymore considering you literally cannot access the eshop. Plus, I was able to install Monster Hunter XX with a english translation patch which basically means g rank MHG on the 3ds!

Oh thanks for this, just installed it on mine and it looks terrific.

Ha! I’m glad I bought GG Shinobi yesterday when I was still contemplating buying anything at all.

I managed to get the Phoenix Wright DLC just in time yesterday, but I still object to this shutdown. It’s understandable that they can’t be expected to maintain the platform indefinitely, but it’s disappointing that they didn’t put any effort into sustainable preservation of the games only available there.

I was able to buy a few more titles today, so not closed yet?

Yeah, I spent $1 on Nintendo Badge Arcade today, so it looks like it’s not dead yet. It must have actually been under maintenance last night. Still, we’re living on borrowed time.

Ah. Cool. I’ll have a look again tonight then. Does Badge Arcade work without spending money?

You get maybe two or three free plays a day without spending money. I was hoping I could trickle out new badges over time, but as far as I can tell, they stopped updating the badges a few days ago. So once you have all the ones you’re seeing now, that’s it.

Thanks for that!

There was a significant update for Code Name Steam I hadn’t downloaded, and both Monster Hunter 4 & Shovel Knight I picked up in the last minute sale. Shovel Knight’s added all the DLC. I would’ve missed that and been kicking myself.

Complete side note, but Yacht Club Games really went over and above with the DLC for Shovel Knight! Three separate DLC campaigns, plus Showdown mode, plus other extras, all for free on all platforms??? It’s crazy how much is in there!

Oooh, thanks for the heads up. I didn’t see this until now, but I can confirm that downloading the free puzzles still works…for the moment.

You’re welcome! Yeah, no one seems to know if the free puzzles get downloaded from the eShop, or from some service run by Capcom. In any case, it’s still running for the moment.

I may be out of luck of the Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright bonus puzzles though, since you have to complete the game first before they are unlocked.

For entertainment purposes only, my son tried to repair a 3DS.

It didn’t go well.

But I thought it was funny. :)